Take a flight to Alicante and land at El Altet Airport. From here, you can proceed to Benidorm. This city has become very popular -and to the jetsetter tourist, this city is the place to go. What could be the motivating factor for people to want their holidays to Benidorm? Cheap travel cost can be the reason; though there may be other factors affecting people's desire to visit this place.

With the different offerings of the city you are convinced to go. But before doing so, compute your expenses and find how you can make you holiday really least expensive. What will comprise your expenses? You will spend for your airfare, hotel, food, Benidorm car hire and some contingency expenses. Spain in general is very cheap when it comes to the cost of living so you will need less here than you would in other European countries.

The first expense is the airfare. This is one part of your travel that it is going to eat up a big portion of your budget. However, there are different ways to save on airfare. Airlines offer promos in their airfares. Search the internet for the airlines that have ongoing promotional offers. Another way is to book early - months before your planned travel. Is it ok with you to travel late at night or early in the morning? The airfares for these flights in general tend to be cheaper. Direct flights are more expensive because these involve bigger planes. Another way of saving on airfare is to find smaller planes - those that have stop-overs or change flights.

Another major expense while you are on your holiday is your accommodation. Benidorm boasts about one of the largest concentrations of hotels along the Costa Blanca. These range from two stars to five stars. There are also cheap inns, as well as apartments. If you really want to save on this expense, you can book for a two star accommodation or even in an inn. Spending your vacation here during the off-season will also accord you a lot of savings - in terms of hotel fee and airline ticket. And the great thing about coming to the Costa Blanca during the off-peak season is that you can still take advantage of the great weather. Even during the winter months you will still encounter the sunshine.

Food expense is one that is easy to control. Eating in big restaurants is not too expensive but you will always save money by having a picnic or eating in your apartment. So, while in Benidorm you can always save money by reframing from having all your meals in extravagant restaurants. However, if you want to taste Mediterranean cuisine, you can also try but not for every meal.

Public transportation is the cheapest means of mobility while in the city. Using Alicante car hire or taking the taxi every time you go to the attractions will cost you some amount of money. The moment you land at Alicante Airport - you have the choice. Take the bus instead of car hire in Benidorm or riding in a taxi. If you want to go to Denia which is a little bit of a distance from Benidorm, you can take the cheaper train ride.

Miscellaneous expenses are as easy to control as food - maybe easier. This is just an allocation for any other expenses not included in the airfare, hotel, food and transportation. It is just better to have extra money.

You can have wonderful holidays to Benidorm with a limited budget. Just find the cheapest airfare and hotel accommodation. Then have some allowance for food and transportation. Avoid any other unnecessary expenses.