Holidays to Croatia - Plitvice Lakes


One of the top sights in Croatia is The Plitvice Lakes. It's been on the UNESCO world heritage sites list since the late 1970′s. The National Park are easily reachable, being on the main road between the capital and the large cities of Zadar and Split.

The lake complex is best known for it’s 16 connected lakes that are a series of steps with waterfalls flowing between them. Visitors to the lakes can enjoy the waterfalls in all their splendour either via a seriesof wooden paths and footbridges and / or by taking a trip on one of the electric boats that transport visitors across the larger lakes.

The waterfalls vary in size from small streams trickling into the various lakes to the Veliki Slap the tallest waterfall in Croatia at over 70m high.

The national park is seperated into the Upper lakes and Lower Lakes. The upper part has the greater number of the lakes, and has more waterfalls, however excluding Veliki Prstavac these tend to be less impressive than than those in the lower section. Having said this, if you want to escape the tourist buses, go walking or have sufficient time to spend a full day at the lakes it's highly recommend you visit the upper lakes. The Veliki Prstavac is well worth the walk on it’s own!

If you only have half a day to spend at the lakes or just want to vist the larger waterfalls I suggest you head to the lower lakes as this is where The Veliki Slap is located as well as the other large waterfalls in the park.

It's worth pointing out, when you walk round the lower lakes you're likely to come across directions to the Vidikovac sightseeing point.

It’s amazing how many people ignore these signs when they lead to possibly the most spectacular view, in the National Park and possibly in all of Croatia.  

When you get to the lakes it's well worth talking to the entrance staff as there are a number of different routes that can be followed around the park, and the staff  can provide guidance as to which is most suited to you, depending on how long you have and the fitness of the party.

Although the Plitvice Lakes national park is well known for it's lakes, they actually only cover a small proportion of the park, the rest is a more traditional national park with woodlands, rolling green hills and a wide variety of wildlife. If you are interested in seeing the rest of the park I recommend you go to Station 4 in the upper lakes. At St4 there are a number of kiosks and maps where you can get information on the various hiking trails that are available. The hiking trails are easy to follow and give you an opportunity to visit the countryside away from the crowds and possibly even get the chance to see some of the native animals in the region.