Beautiful and Magical Malta

The republic of Malta is one of the only independent islands in the Med and this has given it a very distinct culture from its European neighbours. The relatively large island by Mediterranean standards is actually one of the most densely populated countries in the world with the main island having a population of almost 400,000. The islands central Mediterranean location has made it incredibly important strategically throughout history and it has been occupied by the Phonecians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Argonese, French and British forces over the curse of European history. Today it is an independent country and one of the smallest in the world. Here we’re going to look at everything Malta has to offer tourists and why you should definitely consider spending your holidays here.

            We’ll start in the countries capital Valletta as it has an outstanding history and an incredible culture. St. John’s cathedral is by far the biggest attraction to see and was built by the order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John in the late 16th century. It features a beautiful interior with impressive artwork including a canvas by Caravaggio. The museum of archeology is another incredible place to visit and boasts a rich display of the Island’s diverse history with a fantastic collection of Megalithic curios. From Here you can head to Palace square and the palace which are incredible architecturally. The beautiful streets around the area are lined with street cafes and are a firm favourite with locals and tourists. The upper Barrakka gardens are also a must visit stop as they offer superb views of the Grand Harbour as well as being a beautiful 17th century garden. The 300 year old Manoel theatre and the forts and bastions are incredible throughout the city and there are absolutely tons of historical sites to visit which is why the city is largely a UNESCO world heritage site. Finally you can stroll down to the cities harbor and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean views and the bustling port.

            From here we can head out of the city and see some of the many historical wonders Malta holidays have to offer. Mdina is one of the most impressive attractions thanks to its incredible medieval architecture and the imposing beautiful walls of the luxurious medieval houses that line the area. The ancient walled city is simply incredible to behold and the lack of modernisation on show adds to the atmosphere and experience dramatically. Next and almost more impressive is the series of Megalithic temples that litter the islands. The oldest of these dates back to 3,600 BC and are amongst the oldest temples in the world. The most impressive are the underground Hal Saflieni Hypogeum and Ggantija but they are all well worth exploring.

            Finally then we’ll briefly look at the beaches, the countryside and the nearby islands. The countryside of Malta is rich and fertile with beautiful wild  flowers and  a rich biodiversity. Walking within the island or along its more rugged stretches of coast is absolutely stunning and well worth the time and energy despite the blazing sun. The beaches are exactly what you expect from the Med with beautiful waters and stunning white sand. Nearby islands though hold some true treasures with the rock formations and beautiful deserted coves of Gozo being incredibly popular with tourists while the blue lagoon of Comino is something straight out of a postcard and the tranquil waters are simply incredible. Malta really is one of the best island spots in the Med  and a world away from other places you might be tempted to visit.