Health conscious individuals everywhere are supporting alternative medicine. Practitioners of holistic medicine manage clients by addressing the underlying causes for disease and by utilizing treatments that encourage self-healing.

Many people are unaware that a select family of dentists are holistic also. This class of dentist may be called holistic, natural, alternative, biologic, homeopathic or naturopathic. No matter what you call them, holistic dentists provide care that is safe and biologically appropriate.

Hippocrates, historic Greek physician, created the central concepts of alternative medicine. He urged his fellow physicians to follow two important concepts when treating patients:

1. Do no harm ... reject therapy that is more damaging than the condition 

2. Honor the Vis Medicatrix Naturae ... nature has the potential to heal 

Modern-day dental treatment does not even resemble Hippocratic concepts. A lot of the materials used to treat common dental disorders include incredibly poisonous ingredients like mercury and fluoride. Thankfully, natural dentists practice using a totally different paradigm. They appreciate that toxic dental treatments can destroy your overall health ... alternative dentists practice dentistry much like Hippocrates practiced medicine. 

Holistic dental standards include: 

*Ultra-conservative therapies that protect against the excessive loss of enamel... thus minimizing root canals and crowns 

*Complete avoidance of dangerous products such as metals, mercury and fluoride

*Choosing only biologically appropriate substances (like composite resin, porcelain/ceramic or zirconia) to repair teeth

*The use of low dosage digital x-ray to reduce radiation exposure to negligible amounts

*Use treatments that promote the curative potential of nature (you can cure cavities and gum disease)

*Only remove and/or replace amalgam fillings when utilizing "Mercury-Safe Methods" 

Mercury safety is one of the most important reasons to see a holistic dentist. Amalgam fillings leak dangerous mercury that ends up in every cell in your body. Although that's unhealthy enough, your greatest exposure to mercury happens when the dentist replaces a silver filling in an unsafe fashion. Mercury safe practices prevent this unhealthy exposure to mercury vapor. A qualified alternative dentist will safeguard your health whenever replacing metallic fillings. Normal dentists do not understand the danger involved in replacing metal fillings and do not use mercury safe methods. This omission may have disastrous effects for your health. 

Becoming a natural dentist isn't simple. It requires courage to challenge the system and begin doing what you believe is right. A natural dental practice differs in numerous ways from a normal clinic ... distinct materials, different equipment, unique clientele and commonly different staff. So, you may need to invest a bit of time doing research before you'll locate a holistic dentist who meets your needs. Just do it... your health and wellness are worth it! 

Go on and "Google" natural dentist, schedule an appointment and begin to experience better health!