Alternative health care is winning over healthy people from all walks of life. Practitioners of natural medicine manage patients by handling the fundamental causes for illness and by utilizing treatments that encourage self-healing.

Alternative dentists practice in the same way as other kinds of alternative practitioners. This new breed of dentist might be called by many different titles: natural, holistic, biologic, alternative, naturopathic or homeopathic. No matter what they call themselves, the foundation of alternative dentistry is to provide therapy that is nontoxic and biologically appropriate. 
The key concepts of holistic care were established by the Greek doctor Hippocrates roughly twenty-five hundred years ago.

He believed every medical doctor must strictly abide by these rules in treating patients:

1. Do not harm ... refrain from therapy that is more serious than the ailment 

2. Recognize the Vis Medicatrix Naturae ... nature has the ability to cure 

Standard dentistry has neglected these basic rules. Some of the most harmful substances on earth are used in the materials that conventional dentists install in your mouth. Natural dentists recognize that oral health can influence over-all health in both beneficial and destructive ways. They use successful therapies and healthy products that will assist your body's innate ability to heal. 

A few examples of alternative dental treatment include: 

*Ultra-conservative therapies that prevent the needless loss of tooth structure ... therefore limiting root canals and caps 

*Complete avoidance of dangerous supplies such as metals, mercury and fluoride

*Using biocompatible materials like zirconia, composite and porcelain to restore your teeth

*The use of very low dosage digital x-ray to decrease radiation exposure to minimal quantities

*Honor the Vis Medicatrix Naturae by rendering therapy that encourages self-healing (periodontal disease and tooth decay are curable)

*Strictly adhere to "Mercury Safe Methods" when removing or exchanging amalgams 

The utilization of mercury safe protocols is definitely the most important reason to go natural with your dentist. Dental amalgam is a terrible filling material. Every minute of every single day, amalgams leach unsafe amounts of mercury that winds up becoming stored in most of the cells of your body. The only problem more serious than having mercury fillings in your teeth is getting them replaced in an un-safe way. During unsafe amalgam replacement, your exposure to poisonous mercury vapor can be ten timesthe upper limit established by OSHA. The protocols utilized by holistic dentists will safeguard you from that extremely unhealthy exposure. Typical dental practice doesn't use any mercury vapor precautions. This uninformed omission may devastate your health. 

Becoming an alternative dentist isn't easy. It requires courage to buck the system and do what you believe is right. An alternative dental clinic differs in lots of ways from a conventional practice ... different supplies, special equipment, different clientele and often times different employees. And so, you may well need to spend a bit of time in research before you'll find a holistic dentist who meets your requirements. Just do it... your health and wellness areworth it! 

So go ahead and "Google" holistic dentist, schedule a visit and start to experience improved health. 

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