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The power of positive thought is an extremely important sanity resource for the world at large. Incorporating the habit of redirecting thoughts to “solutions” rather than “hopeless problems” into your child's set of life tools does them the world of service. Whether you like to have a moment of “Happy” reserved for jumping on couches, engaging in rhyming singalong, or big-leagues type meditation sessions, the addition of a light journal is an amazing tool for today's holistic child.


Help Your Child Identify What Positive Activities They Resonate With Most

There is nothing like learning what you resonate with. The earlier this is identified the better. Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory is definitely onto something. Some of us are kinetic, others are more mentally focused, yet others have innate spatial fixation – the list goes on. Building a curriculum that first aims to discover a child's pre-disposition is a wonderfully fun and informative approach to learning. Once strongsuits are identified, any subject can be taught with them in tandem, the majority of the time, to maintain interest. We all learn differently. Discovering the mediums that reach your child best takes the strain off the education process and paves the way for a life of enthusiastic learning and discovery. Using a Light Journal like a scrapbook, multi-page collage mural or other styled archive makes learning and celebrating empowering knowledge new and old a great deal of fun.


Learn About Totems With Weekly Spotlights

That's 52 totems a year added to the memory bank.

Opportunities to focus on empowering holistic practices and symbols abound with daily and/or weekly light journal work. Start the week with a hat full of animal pictures. Have your child select the weekly totem from the hat, and wheat-glue it into the Light Journal. Throughout the week, spend a little time learning about the animal's “medicine” qualities, observing documentaries about them, reading about them,  researching any Native American clans surrounding a particular totem, discovering reverent Kemetic practices, and other practitioners who incorporate(d) totemic medicine into their spiritual and/or cultural tradition.

Have your child draw their totem animals as well and celebrate the insights you find in their expressions of them. You can use similar techniques for semi-precious gemstones to learn Crystalwork, herbs when learning basic to advanced herbal medicine, planets and their associations when learning Astro logic, and colors when learning about Chromatherapy.


Share Bits Of The Light Journal With The Holistic Community

The Holkids blogspot is a wonderful place for youth with high-vibrating crowns, and most towns have a natural living-focused or holistically oriented free magazine that the little ones can share poems and other results of educational projects with.

Feedback from likeminds serves to expand on practices that are already affirmative and balancing. Couple that with the celebration of your child's “voice” that the Light Journal already is and a community of children online or gathered periodically to spread the good vibrations farther. Both activities are invaluable resources no holistic homeschooling program should be without.