Quit SmokingCredit: Photo by Qfamily, licensed under Creative Commons (http://www.flickr.com/photos/dasqfamily/)

If you have already tried a whole truckload of methods to quit smoking but still failed to see any success, a holistic method is probably the solution that you have been looking for. Basically, holistic healing involves the practice of improving one’s emotional awareness in conjunction with the use of natural herbs, which enhance the body’s ability to repair itself from cigarette dependence.

Dealing with cigarette addiction through the use of a holistic technique should begin with determination to quit smoking and accompanied by a few essential measures:

1. Experts agree that regular exercise can be effective in your quest to quit smoking. Aside from regular workout, it is also best to do breathing exercises and meditation, which can assist in the recovery process. Yoga is a recommended exercise in smoking quitting so since involves different workout routines, breathing exercises and meditation techniques. To help you with your undertaking, it is a good idea to do a thorough research on different comprehensive plans about holistic systems, discovery manuals, recovery processes and self-evaluation methods for quitting smoking. 

2. It is important to change your smoking habits by using more than one means. For one, you can ask your friends and family for support. Telling the people around you about your plans of quitting smoking can help you stay dedicated not to smoke. It is a given fact that it is hard to quit the bad habit if you are with people who smoke so it is best to be with your ‘non-smoking’ friends more frequently. Go to non-smoking areas and find a support group that provides help and encouragement to individuals who want to get rid of smoking.

3. Some researches show that there are certain herbs that can help lessen one’s cravings for nicotine. For instance, St. John’s Wort and ginseng are known to be effective for depression. While lobelia can also lessen your nicotine cravings, it is important to note that this herb contains toxic substance so make sure to ask your doctor before trying lobelia. Other helpful herbs that can help you quit smoking are oat straw, peppermint, valerian and scullcap.

4. Hypnosis is another natural way to help you quit the bad habit. It is a process wherein the patient goes in a hypnotic state. The hypnotherapist plants suggestions in the mind of the patient in order to encourage smoking cessation.

5. Whenever you feel the temptation of smoking, divert your cravings into other things – chew gum or have some treats with mint. To help you with your first few weeks, you can try using a stirring straw instead of a real cigarette. Just hold it or put it in your mouth as if it was a real cigarette. Remember, be determined – never give in to the temptation. Often times, the craving will last for a few minutes so just delay lighting a cigarette.

6. It is also helpful to make the air around you better –  use aromatherapy to mask the smell of cigarettes in your room. Burning oils has been proven effective in enhancing the mood and after a while, your brain will be able to forget about the cigarette smoke and become more familiar with natural aroma. There are numerous natural oils to choose from including cedar wood, patchouli, basil, spearmint, jasmine, chamomile, lemon, frankincense, sage, jojoba and rosemary.

7. According to some studies, acupuncture can also help you quit smoking because it can retune physiologic patterns, which can lessen irritability, agitation, anxiety, cravings and other signs of withdrawal.

Quitting smoking is definitely one of the hardest habits to break. What you need is a positive attitude – always tell yourself that getting rid of smoking can make you healthier physically and mentally. The good thing about addressing the problem holistically is the fact that you are treating the social, psychological and physical facets of your life.