Holistic treatments for dogs with cancer can be known as alternative medicine. When a dog is diagnosed with cancer, a pet owners worst fear creeps into their mind. No pet owner wants to hear that their dog has been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer treatment for dogs can be done with conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Both medicines are effective canine cancer treatment for different reasons. Dog cancer is one of the leading deaths in dogs. Cancer in dogs can affect the skin, bone, or organs.

Holistic treatments for dogs are known to be safe and effective. Canine cancer treatment is quite similar to human cancer treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy are popular treatments that try to stop the growth of the tumor cells. The problem is dogs have smaller bodies than humans, and the side effects are much more intense. When you discover your dog has cancer, discovering the best and most effective treatments is your next step.

Good news is there's been quite a bit of developments in cancer treatment throughout the years. Although there's still no cure for cancer, the fight of cancer isn't as hopeless as it once seem. Even when a dog is diagnosed with cancer in late stages, some dogs have made miraculous recoveries. Although regardless of using holistic treatments for dogs with cancer, or conventional, when cancer is caught early the chance for survival is much better.

Cancer is broken up into two groups: malignant cancer and benign cancer. Malignant is the form of cancer that is spreading throughout the body, and will, or already spreading to the organs. The more cancer spreads to the organs, then the body's response begins to shut down, which leads to death. Treatment of malignant cancer needs to be caught as early as possible, for the best hope for recovery.

Benign cancer is a tumor, but it's relatively small and is a non spreading tumor. A benign tumor can be removed surgically, then monitored closely to see if the tumor grows back. Some benign tumors can develop into malignant tumors eventually. Surgical removal can usually be the first method of dog cancer treatment, depending on the tumor, health of the dog, and the stage of cancer your dog is currently in.

Consult with your vet, and a holistic practitioner on the canine cancer treatment options available. Holistic treatments for dogs with cancer can work well together. I've listed a few holistic treatments that might be used on dogs. Holistic treatments for dogs with cancer should be consulted by both holistic practitioners and your vet first. Dogs can overcome cancer and go on to live healthy lives.

Holistic treatments for dogs with cancer

Holistic treatments for dogs with cancer will result in a diet chance. Diets that contain a higher amount of protein, that are low in carbohydrates, and lower in fat. High carbohydrates are used by cancer cells for energy. Dog food can play a role in cancer, and holistic practitioners will focus on diet, supplements, and herbs to inhibit cancer growth. Herbal supplements like omega-3, vitamin C, and vitamin E might be supplements used to help shrink tumors. Supplements and diet contain high amounts of antioxidants that work to boost the immune system..

Milk thistle: Milk thistle is very high in flavonoid antioxidants known as silymarin. Milk thistle is known to detox the liver, and has been shown to help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Milk thistle is a safe supplement to take, that's extracted from milk thistle seeds. It's a herb that's been used for over 2,000 years, for liver and gallstones. Milk thistle has helps treat bile ducts, and increases gluthathione levels in the body. Milk thistle can help dogs undergoing chemotherapy respond better to treatment. Milk thistle doesn't come with any harmful side effects.

Astragalus: A popular Chinese herbal medicine that comes from a perennial plant. Astragalus contains high amounts of flavonoids, choline, polysaccharide, and astagalan B that help boost the immune system and fight cancer. There's been studies stating that astragalus inhibits tumor growth. Astragalus has been responsive to canine cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Astragalus helps promote B-cells and white blood cells that help protect the immune system.

ES clear: I'm not honestly real familiar with ES clear, but I found it at petwellbeing.com, a holistic medicine store that uses for pets who have cancer. ES clear might be effective holistic treatments for dogs with cancer. Pet owners seem to have had some success with it. I would consult with your own herbalists, or vet, and do your own research. It doesn't look like it can hurt to try. Most holistic treatments for dogs with cancer are safe, but you should still check to make sure a specific herb won't interfere with specific medications, or other dog cancer treatments. Holistic treatments for dogs are usually used along with conventional treatment with no interference.

Reishi mushrooms: Reishi mushrooms are known for insomnia treatment by Chinese medical experts. It's an herb that also have shown to have anti-cancer effects as well, according to researchers. One report showed that a 39 year old Japanese woman who had lung cancer, where remission looked very bleak. She started drinking Reshi tea, 6 months after there were just cancerous cells that were now benign. Reishi mushrooms have proven to shrink cancer growth. The Chinese strongly believe in the healing powers of reishi mushrooms. The polysaccharides in reishi mushrooms provide for effective cancer treatment for dogs.