Overweight Woman

If ordinary people like you and me have weight problems to settle then so are our popular Hollywood celebrities. Of course, there’s only a few who really gone through the scrutiny of the public when it comes to their weight. Nonetheless, there are some who constantly watched what they’ve been eating and staying for the past years now.

Personally, I never had a problem with my weight even if I ate 10 plates full of spaghetti and chicken. I guess you can call it a gift because my metabolism works really fast and the “ordinary” me get to enjoy a lot of food. My friends would be envious of me because I get to eat a lot while they just watch me gulp these large plates of food.

But since my big sister had a weight problem, I had to do my fair share of essay writing service and research on the most useful exercise methods or diet programs to apply for. It was no problem really since there are a lot of resources to gather from the Internet. And so, I took the liberty of compiling just 3 of the most successful diets in Hollywood. Or so I think?


Christina Aguilera(87145)

Christina Aguilera

We all know who Christina Aguilera is and she’s been in the business for more than a decade now. I love how she sings powerfully and still act all cutesy or sexy. After her marriage and birth to a lovely kid, Christina became oversized and when you’re in Hollywood, that’s a big problem. She’s so used to eating junk foods and been classified as underfed. So what she did? She started eating healthier foods and although it’s many, at least it’s healthy.

Jessica Simpson

Another competitor for the pop princess title back in the days was Jessica Simpson. With her huge racks and heavy bottom, she’s been a constant favorite by the male population. But as she married Nick Lachey and divorced him, she then met Eric Johnson who is a former NFL player. But before that, she had a little weight problem that had to be fixed before her Daisy Duke stint. Two hours a day of squats and lunges did the trick and she wore the signature shorts like no other can do.

Jennifer Hudson


And last but definitely not the least, Jennifer Hudson

We knew very well that before Jennifer Hudson became even popular from her American Idol days, she was a heavy weight lady with all the right curves to fill. But because she knew that people will scrutinize her for her weight, she decided to lose weight by doing a program at Weight Watchers. I’ve never done Weight Watchers but it seems you get a point for eating a low calorie food as opposed to a cholesterol one. And after a few months, the whole world started talking about how she managed to lose all that weight.

All of these Hollywood celebrities did achieve their desire to lose weight and so can you. With enough will power and strength, you can definitely achieve the goal as well.