by rebecca cheung

In the quest for long lashes, there are plenty of products on the market that promise thick, luscious eyelashes. Professional eyelash extensions, long lashes mascara, lash growth serums and false eyelashes can all help us to get longer lashes.

Eyelash serums can stimulate both lash length and lash density, resulting in natural, gorgeous, thicker eyelashes.

About Lumigan:

It was first discovered that certain drugs (that were originally given to glaucoma patients) could stimulate eyelash growth and boost lash density, helping patients to get long eyelashes. There are now a number of beauty products that have taken this active ingredient (or devised similar ones) as an eyelash extender, to help us grow longer lashes.

But, the original product is Lumigan. That's what the glaucoma patients used, and with lash growth of 30% - 50% reported by users, it's no wonder people are using it in the quest for long eyelashes.

What's great about Lumigan is that a 3ml bottle lasts for 3 - 4 months at a time with daily use (and an opened bottle has a 12 month shelf life). It's applied just before bedtime, once a day only with a thin eyeliner brush – just sweep across the base of the lashes, being careful not to get any product in the eyes. When bought online, costs can be dramatically cheaper than other lash growth formulas.

Lumigan Side Effects:

Some patients being treated for glaucoma (3%) did notice a change in the colour of their eyes when regularly using Lumigan. However, that was with the product being directly applied into the eye itself. For eyelash regrowth, it is applied to the base of the lashes only very carefully using a thin brush this significantly reduces any potential risk.

The original formula Revitalash (they have now changed the formula) also contained the same active ingredients as Lumigan. As this was FDA approved, Lumigan users claim they do not worry about any side effects, and having read many forums, I am yet to see any users complain of any.

As with many lash growth formulas, other side effects can include eye redness, itchyness, or burning – all signs that an eye lash serum is not for you. If this happens, you should discontinue use immediately.

One frequent side effect of Lumigan is drying out of eyelashes – be sure to keep them well moisturized and nourished. These are all noted side effects - it's for you to decide if this is a step too far in your eyelash intervention plans.

The main questionable ingredient in Lumigan is prostaglandin, and you should be aware that there are risks associated with it - it is used to induce childbirth, treat high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction, amongst other things.

Remember that this is a drug that is prescribed for glaucoma, not for eyelash growth, and it is strongly advisable to check with your doctor before use.

Buy Lumigan:

Lumigan is available from at $12.76, or can be purchased from In House Pharmacy or your doctor may prescribe it for cosmetic use.

Similar (non-prescription) products you may wish to consider for long lashes are Revitalash, Lilash, Latisse, Neu Lash, Activlash, Ardell and Lash Food.

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