Looking for a bit of glitz and glamour for your next gathering? You should definitely consider a Hollywood theme party! Whether it's for an Oscar party, a Halloween event, a New Year's party, or a themed birthday bash, a Hollywood party can shine bright with its star power and stylish atmosphere. You'll need just the right Hollywood party decorations to pull it off, and this article is here to help. Here you've got a checklist of the most important decorations you need, along with some great Hollywood theme party ideas to get your imagination kicking into gear.

A Hollywood Theme Party: Movie Magic, Stars, And Style

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There are few theme party styles that appeal to the masses as a Hollywood theme party. It's got everything: A bit of glamour (and a reason to dress up), a smidgen of old-school deco style, and lots and lots of movie magic and stars. The theme is highly relatable for most people as the Hollywood culture is celebrated nearly every day through entertainment shows on TV, newspapers, and gossip magazines.

Best of all, a Hollywood theme party makes for a great theme party choice for many occasions. It fits perfectly with Oscar night. In fact an Oscar party without a Hollywood theme is just missing something completely! It's also great as either a birthday or Halloween theme party, and don't forget New Years! The glitz and glamour aspect of a Hollywood party is right in line with a New Year's party. It gives your guests a great reason to dress to impress and end the year in style.

Hollywood Party Decorations: Your Checklist Of Essentials

Whatever your reason is to celebrate, when you decide to throw a Hollywood theme party, the pressure is on to deliver a quality affair. It's got to feel stylish and still fun. Glitzy and yet a bit kitsch, too. You need just the right decorations to pull it off. Below is the checklist to help you do just that. When you've got these items covered, you'll be sure to impress your guests.

Movie Ticket Invitations 8ctHollywood theme invitations

Get your guests in the mood for a Hollywood party early on! At least two weeks prior to the event send each an invitation based on the theme. One direction is choosing invitations that resemble movie tickets. Another is to play up the great icons and imagery of Tinseltown, from the Hollywood sign to sidewalk stars. The early notice builds excitement, and if you're planning for your party to be a classy affair (or even black tie), you can announce the expectation with enough time for your guests to make some decisions on their attire.

The red carpet and stanchions

No Hollywood party should be without a walkway that screams power, glitz, and exclusivity. And nothing quite does that like a red carpet. It just makes your guests feel special and announces to all that you've pulled out all the stops for your theme party. Stanchions are fun to add, too. They give that feeling of exclusivity and fit right in with your red carpet look. 

A press photo backdrop (and paparazzi backdrops)

You can use large backdrops as excellent arrival photo opportunities, just like the types of photos that you see in entertainment magazines. Set one up right next to the end of your red carpet and take photos of each of your guests as they arrive looking their best. These make for great party keepsakes, especially if everyone has gotten dressed up.

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Star Peel 'N PlaceHollywood star stickers

How about creating a star walk right on your floor? With some of these stickers you can make your guests feel like the Hollywood super stars they are (for the night that is).

Hollywood star life-sized cutouts

You'll need to surround your space with Hollywood imagery, and a great way to create an impact is with life-sized cutouts of some of Hollywood's biggest stars, both past and present. These again make for terrific photo opportunities as your guests can pose with their favorites.

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Hollywood Street Sign Cutouts

An inflatable jumbo Oscar award

For an Oscar party, a big inflatable Oscar award is especially fun. They make for great outdoor decorations to celebrate your theme in a big-time way (literally) and create a buzz among the passers-by.

Hollywood signs and string decorations

Your walls and ceiling need to embrace Hollywood as well! Add style to the room with iconic Hollywood street signs or choose vintage looking Hollywood movie theater signs to add to the kitsch.

Hollywood Photo Door BannerHollywood photo banners

Speaking of kitsch, having a silly Hollywood photo banner where your guests can stick their heads through is a great way to add a bit of goofiness to your party. It's another excellent choice for creating memorable, photographic moments. 

Hollywood party favors

Just like at the Oscars where no star goes home empty-handed, you need to make sure you have something for your guests. There are lots of choices here, but a faux Oscar award made of plastic is a nice touch. You could even make a game out of it during your party. You can create your own awards ceremony and hand out the trophies with special award themes that fit each person receiving. This can be a lot of laughs, especially if the awards are based off of inside jokes and a good sense of fun.

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A nostalgic Hollywood popcorn maker (with vintage looking popcorn bags)

This is as much about function as it is form. One of these vintage popcorn makers certainly adds some decorative style to any Hollywood party, and it also makes great movie-quality popcorn! Pair it with some vintage looking theater popcorn bags, and you've got yourself a real Hollywood treat for your guests.

When you've nailed the Hollywood feel with these decoration essentials, you'll be well on your way to a successful Hollywood theme party event. But don't shy away from delivering even more! Make it your own by adding some color with other top-notch Hollywood party decorations. When you throw in just the right accent pieces to match your party's needs, you'll definitely make the night full of memorable moments for your guests.