Bollywood is the nickname for the indian film industry which is located in Mumbai in India.Bollywood started its trace in 1911 when the first silent movie was released.From there on bollywood have raised heights and have reached globally.Today bollywood movies are released across USA and Britain centres where south asian people folk the centres and they treat theses centres as cultural touch points.The movies release acrossed these centres have become more and more frequent.


What is the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood?

Bollywood movies usually runs around 3-4 hours.Bollywod movies does not carry a single theme like action or thriller,it usually have a mixture of everything and that is the reason it is called masala movies.Bollywood movies usually have 4 to 5 songs with an break in the movie. Usually the movie carries a mixture of sentiment,action,love and humour.The Amitabh,SRK Aamir Khan and SalmanKhan are very famous actors  in bollywood.

Bollywood took a late transition after 2000 and it started bringing in tailor made movies for global audience.In India apart from bollywood there are other different film industries like Kollywood(Tamil),Tollywood(telugu) and Mollywood(malayalam) .

Some statistics shows that fourteen million Indians watch movies daily which is  1.4% of the 1 billion popualtion.The leading actors in bollywood are paid very high salary.You may be astounished to hear Rajnikanth a Kollywood actor is one of  the highest paid actors in Asia who is sixty three years old.Currently the highest paid actress is Ileyana from South India. Some actors are treated as Semi-Gods by their fans and they have fan club which are involved in the promotion of the films.

Usually the movie release of some of the stars are celebrated as festival.People want to watch the movies of their favourite stars on the first day.In South India we can commonly see people bursting crackers distibuting sweets on day of release of their favourite actors movies. In some  cases they go to a extend of worshipping the stars by doing pooja for the their posters . 

In India people are more crazy towards 2 C's one is Cricket and other is Cinema. The Amazing fact is that people who are successful in these fields can easily enter in to politics due to the fame and fans they earn from it . Some of the actors have attained the post of Member of Parliment and Member of Legistrative Assembly . For Instance Jeya Amita Batchan,Vijaya Shanthi,Jeya lalitha and so on. Actor named  Late.MR. M.G.Ramachandran is one to be specified who become Chief minister of Tamilnadu .  He is popularly called as M.G.R.Currently the cheif minister of Tamilnadu is Selvi .J.Jeyalalitha who has been elected for the post for  the third time.

Bollywood movies used to focus more on real life characters than imaginary or animation characters.A recent trend have emerged where the bollywood have turned toward animation movies.But there is a fair distance to go for producing a movie of Avatar quality.Hollywood has a lot to offer to bollywood like imaginative scripts,screenplay and action sequence.Some from Bollywood have gone to Hollywood to learn technology.

Next time if you want to learn Indian culture,visit a bollywood movie centre as they are good starting point for learning.

If you want to see  different perspective of love and life other than which shown in Hollywood movies then definitely go for Bollywood movies ,you will surely enjoy the other side.