Acne is a common inflammatory skin disease caused by bacteria that is normally found in the skin. These bacteria are called Propionibacterium acnes and it uses sebum as a nutrient for growth. Sebum is normally produced by sebaceous glands that can also found in skin. Excess production of sebum or the proliferation of acne bacteria will cause acne. White blood cells are attracted to areas where there are changes in bacteria population and will cause an inflammatory response.

Sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands and as it is released, it spreads throughout the face giving it a shiny look. Dead cells in skin peel off and stick to the sebum. As the dead cells continue to adhere to the sebum, this increases the possibility that follicles get obstructed by this mixture. The bacteria are trapped inside the follicle and this is when the problem starts.

The best of the home remedies for acne is prevention. Having a clean and oil free face will definitely help prevent acne. Washing two times a day prevents a shimmer in the face due to the sebum produced. A facial wash home acne remedy is by using warm salty water. Helps warm up the sebum and makes it easier to be removed. The salt is there to help dehydrate acne and promotes healing of skin lesions.

It has been also known that our diet takes a huge part in acne growth and prevention. The sugars that we eat mainly contribute to an increase in blood sugars. An excess in blood sugar will change the balance in the body causing further changes in the hormones and functions. Having this elevated blood sugar status will promote bacterial growth thus we gain acne. A further increase of this state will put us to more serious diseases. Controlling our diet on sugars will surely help prevent sudden outburst of bacteria within our body and will help prevent other diseases too.

If you already have an infection going on inside your body, fighting the bacteria is a must. Helping our immune system will help lessen the time of fighting and increase the healing effect of the body. Cellular regeneration is at its best when the body is healthy and has the complete nutrients that it has.

To fight off acne, it is not just about having the best products in the market but it is by knowing the cause and willing to fight it is what matters. Living and eating healthy will definitely help our body.