Home alarm systems do it yourself kits are growing in popularity all the time. This is because it not only projects your home from theft, but also helps lower your home insurance.

It is no secret that robbers are much less likely to target homes with one of these systems. However, most people do not consider the fact that their home insurance prices will drop. This is because of the reduced risk to the company.

When trying to decide which one to get, there are a number of things to factor in. Here are four questions to ask yourself:

#1) Do you want fire protection?

This is obviously more expensive, but does add another element of security. If you package the burglar and fire protection together, you can often save money as opposed to buying them separately.

#2) Do you want a wireless or hardwire system?

The wireless is the simplest to put in, but there is the danger of it sending false alarms. Many things can trigger it to go off because it is much more sensitive.

On the other hand, the hardwire system is a bit more complex to put in, but it generally is more reliable. Whenever it goes off, you know there is a real problem.

#3) Do you want an auto notify system?

You have to determine if you want a system just alerts those in your home to danger, or one that will also notify the police and/or fire department. This is obvious the safest, albeit the most expensive.

If you have to take time to get to the phone when someone is breaking in, it could be costly. Every second counts. The better machines allow you to put in as many as 8 different numbers to automatically contact in the event of an emergency.

#4) How much will a home alarm system cost you?

It all depends on the options you get. Generally, you can expect to pay between $90-105, although they can be much pricier as well.

Just make sure to shop around, and never buy from the first website you come to. Comparison shopping can save you a lot of money.

The bottom line: which you get really depends on your budget as well as your know how in installation. There are many companies that sell home alarm systems do it yourself kits. To find the best one, you should read customer reviews and see which one people are most happy with.