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Home based businesses to start new or buy all have different requirements. Some can be worked from a room in your own home. whereas others can be worked from your garage.

All of these businesses can be worked from your own home. Some will be easier to run than others. It depends on the type of business you wish to invest your time on as to how big it can become. All business need your undivided attention to time management and customer service.

Need to know

  •   You need to have personal liability insurance – If you break a leg or have an accident, there will be no wage at all. You will not survive that way.
  •   Public liability Insurance – If you damage someone's property, you will definitely need to be covered. A stone could do personal injury which could cost you a fortune.
  •   Insure your tools in case of theft, tools need to be in a locked vehicle or garage.

Starting a new business from Home yourself


Check out your local employment offices- Some have an initiative whereby they give you advice and help when you start a new business from scratch. Some pay you a nominal amount to start you off for a limited time. It is worth looking into this before you start out on your own.

Before starting your own home business, check out what or how many other businesses you will be competing against. Then find something unique to offer the proposed clients that others do not do. It may be something as simple as free quotes.

Businesses to manage from home

All the following businesses will need good advertising. If you are short on funds, start small and advertise in your local and surrounding newspapers or put notices up in the shopping centers, schools, churches. Become known in your local community.

How to start your own Lawn mowing businessCredit: Lawnmowing repairs and Service pic on flickr by Service LiveLawn Mowing Business- There are litterally hundreds of people with a lawn mowing business although it is expensive to set up initially. 

Carpet cleaning- This business can easily be run from your own home. And will need a vehicle and necessary machines. 

Bed and Breakfast- This will depend on the area and shire regulations that you live in.

Mobile Mechanic- You will need a reliable vehicle with a very good supply of mechanical tools. Carry the basic things, like spark plugs, spare radiator hoses, batteries and charges, in case of emergencies.

Brick paving- This involves using and lifting very heavy equipment. You will need a trailer to carry the compactors, concrete mixers, brick cutters, brick barrow and many other tools.

Concrete and Brick fencing – this is also back breaking work, Needing concrete mixer and trowels and bits and pieces.

Office and Home Cleaning - Normal House cleaning things, dusters, vaccuum cleaner

Pet minding home business


Pet Minding and walking- You need to be responsible, no cost outlay except dog leads or owners may supply their own. This will also keep you fit at the same time.

Work at home



Babysitting and cleaning Service- You will need a phone and a reliable vehicle, and may need to fill in for your client in an emergency. Advertise, and offer to find suitable clients for your customers. You charge the client a finding fee and they pay the workers. You need to supply good reliable staff.

Child minding- You need to have your home inspected, to make sure your home is safe and secure. You will require shaded area in back yard and strong reliable fences. You will also need to have a first aid certificate in case of emergencies.

Online Auction Selling- You will need a computer and access to the internet. There are many online auctions available. Like eBay, OZtion, AuzzieBids. There are also many more, although different countries have their own auctions. The most common one is eBay; you can sell anything online with them. A lot of people go to garage sales and by books and toys and resell them for a profit.

Beware, there are still scammers that will take your money and disappear. It is safer to setup a PayPal account which is a lot safer way of receiving payments.

Wholesale Drop shipping- This involves selling another companies products. You advertise the product, a client buys from you, and then the drop shipping company sends the article direct to your client.

Garage selling from home- Many people collect items and sell from their own back yard. Some buy from one person and resell for a profit. You need to know what sells and what does not. Knowledge of this comes with a little practice.

Whatever home business you decide to start or buy, make sure you keep accurate accounts. Both with expenses and purchases, if you forget to charge someone for one item, it could mean that you worked all day for nothing. Hopefully not quite that bad, although if you do not control your accounts owed, then you will end up like many other new businesses now going broke.

Beware of franchise businesses. Check out all the minor details and read the small print. They may look good on paper. Before signing up with these go and talk to people already in the same type of franchise and ask for their honest opinion. This could save you a lot of heartache.