Beauty Gifted By God

When you say home beauty treatment its all about using products made at home that are natural, fresh and hand made. If not showing interest in home products then there are products that can use at home taking no time in applying.  Everyone wants to look their best as beautiful as they can, many of the people spend a lot of money for buying branded beauty products or visiting number of beauty parlors. There are several simple and convenient beauty treatments available at home for treatment from head to toe.So prefer the home made beauty products

Here are few beauty tips that can make you beautiful without any extra cost.

  •  To relax your eyes make eye pads from cucumber or cotton pads soaked in cold milk and if having dark circles around the eyes then the best option will be of eye pads made from potatoes. Lie down and pace them on the eyes be in the same position until your eyes get relaxed. If the eye lids are getting splashy then massage from a drop of fresh castor oil on them and putting a drop of rose water before sleeping  would also help to refresh your eyes.
  •  To avoid dryness and chapping apply a mixture of rose water and milk butter or you can use hot water agitation and then apply a mixture of Vaseline and honey over the lips.
  • If you have age-spots on hands then use a piece of lemon and rub over the hands before you wash them.
  •  To reduce the tanning of skin affected due to sun then applying yogurt will be a good option.
  • To take care of the beauty of your nails select a good nail enamel, file your nails and keep them short so it will be easy to keep them clean. Never use scissors for cutting nail use a nail cutter instead. A well manicure would make your nails look healthy and beautiful.
  •   To rest your feet, it should be first put in hot water then in cold water, continue this process for at least 15 minutes. If feet sweats then a frequent hot bath adding a infusion of sage, rub your feet till it dry this will be a good option even for tired and aching feet. A good pedicure is the next option.   
  •  Even food and diet can increase the quality of your beauty. As diet and workout contributes a lot in your efforts to look beautiful. Eating fresh fruits, green vegetables, drinking lots of water, proper workout and taking good sleep can add stars to your beauty.  

By applying the above beauty tip will not cost you any thing rather then time saying thank you for the compliments that you will be getting for your beauty. There a famous saying that

“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.” 

So be happy and look beautiful.