A bicycle shed is the ideal way to store multiple bikes and there are now a wide variety of sheds available on the market for you to store your bicycle safely and securely at home. A bicycle shed also offers the advantage of being able to keep all your cycling kit together so that it doesn't need to litter up the rest of the home. Bike sheds can made in a variety materials and this Info Barrel looks of the four main types and their advantages and disadvantages. I'll order the materials in terms of their cost:

Canvas bike sheds

If you've got a secure back garden and all you really need to do is store your bicycles in such a way that the weather can't get at it the getting what is essentially a bike tent may well be the perfect solution for you. They can be secured to the ground so that they will not blow away and will keep your bike safe and sound.

Plastic bike sheds

If your bicycle shed is going to be stored out of view then you could always get plastic bike shed. Plastic sheds don't particularly look great but are great in terms of their low maintenance. You will never need to treat a plastic shed and it offers relatively good security so if your bike's are not the cheapest you may well want look to a plastic bike shed as an option.

Wooden bike sheds

These are personally my favourite type of storage for bicycles as I believe they offer a good compromise between how they look and how they perform. I think they look very natural in the garden and offer a good level of security - a wooden shed is not unbreakable but certainly presents a challenge to a thief. The wooden interior of your shed is easily customisable should you want to put shelves up to store your kit on and this is the main advantage of a wooden bike shed over any other material. The biggest disadvantage of a wooden bike shed however is that you need to treat each year so that doesn't rot.

Metal bike sheds

Like plastic bike sheds, metal ones don't look overly great so you wouldn't really want to put them on view. Having said this though, out of all the different types of bike shed you can get a metal bike shed offers the best security for your bike as it is very difficult to break in to and it is certainly very difficult break into a metal shed quietly. If you have high-value bicycles then a metal shed is definitely the way to go as you can be assured of them still being there in the morning.