Are you looking for more information on home brewing equipment? Beer has been known as the curse of lushes, the joy of frat boys, the scourge of teetotalers, and now, the drink you can make at home with your own brewing equipment. Sound difficult? It's not. All you need is a little know how, and the right equipment. After all, 8000 years of home brewers can't be all wrong!

While beer brewing in modern times has been relegated to commercial firms, and large breweries, the roots of the brew actually stem from individuals brewing at home. Now, with the technology of brewing becoming more accessible and dependable, home brewing is seeing a resurgence of interest. This growth of interest in the craft of home brewing is a returning to the roots of beer making, which began as early as 6100B.C.E in the Middle East, and was rooted in Europe by 3000 B.C.E. Initially, beer would have been like many other discoveries of the ancient world; a happy accident. Then, through time and trial, the mechanics of the making were worked out, and the barley malt wine spread through the world. It would have been brewed in small amounts at first, in crude clay vessels, quite unlike the modern home brewing equipment available now.

Those individuals with an interest in home brewing are offered a plethora of choices, ranging widely in terms of taste, body, and volume. In fact, in many countries, home brewers are allowed to create up to 200 gallons a year for their own purposes.

But beyond the end result, home brew enthusiasts have created a culture that stands apart from many expectations. These passionate crafts persons have become very interested in the process, the rigorous testing and the joy of experimentation that one can achieve while making beer. One online forum devoted to beer making has over 1.5 million posts, and nearly 40,000 members. That certainly says a lot, as to the interest in the DIY beer movement. To be able to handcraft a beer completely suited to one's own tastes, using ingredients that are much more closely watched and measured, within the comfort of your own home, while lessening the environmental impact that shipping said beer would have had, certainly seem to be only a few of the many reasons more and more people are brewing their own beer.

To top off the appeal of customizable beer, the equipment necessary needn't be complex or expensive. In fact, brewery equipment can be as simple as a container to ferment the grain in, and a container to boil it in. Ultimately, the process is as complex or as simple as the brewer wants it to be, depending on their level of skill, and desire to gain recognition for their craft. Because not only has home brewing begun gaining in popularity, now there are competitions for home brewers to enter. These competitions allow brewers to show off their knowledge, flaunt their skill, and help pass on their skill sets to new groups of individuals interested in home brewing.

So while home brewing may never gain the wide spread commercial success as its international corporate cousins, the ease of use of brewing equipment at home, the infinite customizability of home brewing, and the rise in home brewers seem to indicate that this trend is far from over.