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Prevent home burglary by following these tips.

Practice these home burglary prevention tips to keep your family, house, and possessions safe. Tough economic times have produced more cases of home burglary. At Christmas and Holiday times, there seem to be even more burglaries. Also, there are many home burglary incidents reported in the summer, when houses are vacant while the owners are on vacation.

A residential security alarm system is a great deterrent against home burglary. With money being tight, many people have been forced to cut expenses where they could, and unfortunately, some people have cancelled their security monitoring system. As nice as a security alarm system is, they are not foolproof, either. For instance, you might have door contacts, but not have window contacts, so this could be a point of entry for a home burglary. Motion detectors do a good job if they are focused correctly, and of course, they must be activated in order to work.

If you do not have a security alarm system, or if you would like to supplement yours, then follow these home burglary prevention tips.

1st Home Burglary Prevention Tip – Install Deadbolts on Your Outside Doors

Do you have deadbolts on your doors? If not, then this is an inexpensive, quick, and easy fix to help prevent burglaries. There are two kinds of deadbolts to choose from, a single cylinder deadbolt or a double cylinder deadbolt. Single cylinder deadbolts require a key to lock or unlock the door from the outside, but on the inside, it can be locked or unlocked with the turn of a lever. Double cylinder deadbolts require a key to lock or unlock the door on the outside as well as the inside. Both of these deadbolt models have their pros and cons; choose which will work best for your family to help prevent a home burglary.

Home Burglary Prevention Tips

2nd Home Burglary Prevention Tip – Use Inside and Outside Lighting

A light on inside a house usually indicates that someone is there. So, use this assumption, and turn lights on inside your house when you are away. Use timers to turn your lights on and off to save money on your electric bill. Dusk to dawn light sensors are another way to have lights come on and go off. Outside, use dusk to dawn light sensors in the light fixtures you already have, or install new outdoor lights that have the dusk to dawn sensor feature. Another option for outside is to install motion sensor lights. Home burglary thieves will want to avoid being showcased by lighting.

3rd Home Burglary Prevention Tip – Plant Knockout Roses

Yes, plant those full-of-thorns, Knockout Roses as foundation plants, especially under low windows. These beautiful, but thorny, plants will act as a deterrent to the thief who would like to easily open or break a window to gain admission to your house. Experiencing a couple painful thorn sticks will have him moving away from those easily accessible windows. Also, remember to always keep your windows locked, at all times, to prevent home burglary.

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4th Home Burglary Prevention Tip – Don't Advertise What You Have

Your old TV broke, and you just purchased a new 46 inch TV to replace it. You have unpacked and set up the new TV, and you need to dispose of the box. Do Not just set the box at the curb for recycle. If you do, you are advertising that you have a new 46 inch TV, and just maybe that is what the burglar would like to have to sell or for his own place. Recycling the box is good, but before doing that, take a few minutes to cut the box into sections, and fold the writing inside so no one will be able to determine what was in the cardboard box. Remember, televisions and computers act like beacons to thieves and could target you for a home burglary. Notice for yourself, when going through your neighborhood, what boxes people put out. Right away, you will notice if they have a new computer, printer, luggage, mixer, dishes, toys, etc. So, if you notice this, then the thief will, too.

5th Home Burglary Prevention Tip – Don't Spotlight What You Have

Do you have a china cabinet full of china and silver? Do you have those little accent lights on in the cabinet? Is the curtain or blind on the window, opposite the china cabinet, open? If so, then anyone driving down your street can see the sparkling silver, and this could make your house a target for a home burglary. Assuming you have silver, then you probably have other valuables, too. Can people see into your family room, and see the large flat screen television? This is another spotlight on a valuable item, increasing the odds for a home burglary. No one wants to live in a cave. We want to enjoy daylight, so to do this, select windows where valuable items cannot be seen, and leave those curtains and blinds open. However, when you are away, a good idea is to close curtains and blinds to keep your valuables out of sight of a would be thief. At Christmas time, it is so pretty to see a large, decorated Christmas tree in front of a large window(s). Most likely, there are presents under the tree. Therefore, close your curtains and blinds when you are not there, so no one can peek into your window(s) to see if you do have lots of gifts under the tree.

6th Home Burglary Prevention Tip – Bond With Your Neighbors

Bond with your neighbors to help thwart crime in your neighborhood, and start a Neighborhood Watch Program. Share with your neighbors when you will be out of town, and ask them to keep watch over your house. Also, ask them to collect your mail, newspapers, packages, and perhaps to park their car in your driveway while you are away. Their watchful eye, and these daily changes at your place, may help put off that would be home burglary.

In Closing

A determined thief is hard to keep out of your house, but let's do everything we can to make his job, a home burglary, more difficult. Many years ago, our house was robbed, and it is a very personal and invasive act. As we entered through the side door, they exited through the front door. How lucky we were to not get hurt. As for the items they stole, they are gone forever, but when they heard us unlock the side door, they dropped an arm full of items. One thing they dropped was a small antique child's lockbox, and every time I see or touch it, the memories return of that horrific night. Home burglary is a painful thing to experience.

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