Maybe you have a successful home business, and all the perks that go with it, such as a nice car, the ability to choose your own hours, or when you leave the house.  It can be nice to not have to battle traffic during rush hours and go when you feel like it.  Sounds perfect right?

But somewhere in the depths of your soul, you know something is not quite right.  You are not sure what it is, but you just feel slightly uncomfortable.  You look at your work and you are doing alright. 

You achieved your goals you had set a long time ago to start a home business when you were working for that ogre of a boss and couldn’t wait to quit.

You were high on the idea of working from home with no interruptions, no silly office gossip, no traffic and no stress.  But now you have been doing this for a while, and although you are connected with people via the internet or conference calls, it is not quite the same.

This is work at home isolation.  It can happen without you realizing ihome business(121044)Credit: morguefile.comt.  You spent a lot of time dreaming about having time to yourself and running a business from home, but maybe you are more social than you thought.

The problem is that your friends are not working from home, they still have the ogre to deal with, and you would love to bounce some ideas off of someone or simply have your coffee break with another person. 

This is becoming a lot more common now that the internet and ability to run businesses from home has picked up speed.

Even the most “independent person” could use a little company during the day, you can only spend so much time talking to your pets or backyard critters!Work at Home isolationCredit:

If you find yourself waiting impatiently for your spouse or partner to get home, or your kids to walk through the door so that you have someone to share your day with, then maybe it is time to “get out a bit” Even “loner” needs a bit of human company once in a while.  It can be even worse if you are a single person living alone and working at home.  It just becomes one large work day!

Here are 6 tips to make that home business work for your soul not just your bank account.

1.  Business Association

Check your local business association and see if they have any meetings or “lunches” This is not only a great way to network your business, but a great way to interact with others just like you.

 Even if they run a retail business, you will still have something in common.  Many meet once a week for lunch, and this could spur off some smaller meetings with any like-minded people you meet that may like to have coffee during the day, just because..

2.  Join the Gym and Sign up for Classes

Since you can make your own hours, you can join your local gym and setup some classes and work around the schedule.  You may find that you meet other business people just like yourself or maybe make a few new friends.

Plus exercise is not only good for the body but for the soul too, and can help you spur on some new ideas and gets you out of the house.

3.  Take a Mid-Day WalkDealing with LonlinessCredit:

If you have a dog, then this would be the perfect time to head outside and see your neighbourhood and maybe bump into a few neighbours.  A simple change of scenery and a quick chat no matter how trivial will lift your spirits and mood.

4.  Make Some Dinner Dates with Friends

It can be easy to just not bother, but if you want to avoid work at home isolation then you need to keep up your contacts with friends that have outside day jobs.  They may think you are too busy and won’t call them and then they don’t call you and they get wrapped up in things they need to do at home.

So, you need to get pro-active and set up a dinner date or coffee date outside your home.  You need something to look forward to, and some idle chit chat.  Since you are not a part of any office gossip it will be fun to hear what is going on in their lives.

5.  Walk the Mall in Bad Weather

If you have a car and can avoid the rush hour times of the day, then another great way to get a change of scenery is to simply walk the mall.  If you have a big mall near you and can avoid the urge to spend every penny you have, then the mall is the perfect place to get large walks under your belt. 

These walks will count as exercise, and sometimes just the bustle of the mall will help to shake those cobwebs in your brain and get some creative juices flowing again.  This is the perk to making your own hours, because if you can go during the day the mall will be less busy.  But it is nice to bump into someone.

work at home isolation(121049)Credit: morguefile. com

Stop in the mall coffee shop  or sidewalk cafe and simply watch people walk by.  It can be relaxing.  Don’t beat yourself up for feeling this way it can happen without realizing it.

This is also why many people will head back to a part time job even after running a successful home business.

6.  Hire an Assistant - (Bonus tip!)

If your business is doing well, then why not consider hiring an assistant to help out.  Find someone compatible with you so that you feel that you are part of a team.  They will bring new ideas to the table and can lift your spirits and will be someone to talk to. 

This is also a great way to avoid burnout as dealing with your business by yourself and wearing all the hats with no one else in sight can get lonely and the hours can get long.  So avoid work at home isolation with your home business and enjoy your perks!

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