Working from home has been a dream for many moms and dads. Staying with the kids while earning a living is attainable with hard work and dedication. Selling jewelry can make a full time income, or some extra money, depending on you!

Purchase your jewelry in a variety of places to get many styles of jewelry. There's many wholesale sites that offer jewelry at cheap prices. You may also wish to utilize jewelry websites from other countries for cheaper prices. Jewelry sells cheap on eBay from other countries. It may take a long time to receive, but you can mark up the prices and easily make a profit. Another option is looking at flea markets and swap meets. Most jewelry can be purchased for $1.00 and sold for at least $5.00! There is also a variety of dropshippers on the web. It is recommended to try their services yourself first, before allowing your customers to use them. It will prevent angry customers from leaving negative feedback about your business and accumulating shipping costs.

You can start your own jewelry website by creating a domain and subscribing to a web hosting service. Sites such as Webstarts offer affordable hosting packages, ranging from $0 to $7.16 per month. The Pro Plus package offers unlimited web pages, 10 email accounts, and one free domain name. Webstarts submits your webpages to search engines so there is less work involved for you. You can add your jewelry and create a Shopping Cart feature to start your business.

If a website seems like too much too handle, you may want to consider selling jewelry part-time. You can sell jewelry on sites such as eBay.  eBay is free to start and the company only takes a percentage of your total sales, or charges you for special features you add to your item's description.

Locally, you may want to check into antique and craft stores or even salons. Many antique stores rent out space to people and charge a minimal fee. This option works good for people unable to invest a lot of time into selling jewelry. Tag the jewelry with a price and set up your items. The rest is taken care of for you!

Selling jewelry can be a profitable home business. They key to maintaining a successful business is purchasing good deals and giving your customer a deal as well. Everyone likes a bargain!