If you are setting up a home business, and are trying to renovate your house to accommodate it, tread carefully.

It is great to be able to run your business from home. You can make your own hours, the commute is a breeze, and now that you have done well enough to add that addition or renovate your house for your business and home life to run smoothly, you need to take a few precautions.

Theft and break-ins, are not something we are thinking about while dreaming of that great renovation for your home business, but it must be kept in mind. This does depend on the type of business you are running, but security must be a consideration with any home or office renovation.

It only takes one set of sticky fingers and your business could suffer great losses. Whether you are insured or not, this will cost you time and possible lost customers if this happens to you. Also, if your business is attached to your house, you could have personal losses as well.


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Example: My sister is an electrician, she set up a shop in her garage that is attached to her house. One side is the office and the other side is for supplies etc. She loved the setup, she could get up in the morning and basically head to her garage and she was at work.

But one morning she got up, and headed to her garage to find a few things missing from the office, and her supplies all over the place and the keys to one of her works vans missing.

Thieves, not only broke into her home business, but once in, they found her cabinet for the keys to her works vans. Luckily they did not take the van, but they did open it and take some tools. They did all of this while the family was sleeping right beside the shop.

Since then, she has set up a security system and decided to put in cameras as well. There is a doorbell that goes off now in the main house if someone enters the shop, and the keys to the vans are not kept in there anymore.

Security Door Helps

(You don't have to look like Fort Knox, you can get screen doors that are also very secure if your business is attached to your home.)

Luckily everything they took, could be replaced quickly, but it still cost her a couple days of work, trying to make a list of all that was missing. She felt violated. But when you looked around, it was only a matter of time, because she had made one mistake. She felt this trouble started when she started selling some extra parts from her shop. People would walk up to her shop, and ask for this or that, and she would let them walk right into the main part of her shop.

From there they would have no problem scouting the place out, and be able to see all that she has. It is sad that we can't trust everyone, but you have to take precautions. Now she does not allow walk ins, especially with her shop attached to her house like that.

But if she did, she would renovate the shop, so that customers could not see her stock room.

So, she is getting prices to renovate her shop space for this reason, and to make it less visible to customers who just happen to stop by. Most of her business is going to their homes to do electrical work, but sometimes she brings things home to fix, so she is going to budget security in this next home business renovation. For her business and her family.