You may not be the only one who is short of funding. In fact, there are many individuals out there who are really interested in working and earning a living from the convenience of their homes. The truth is that the narrowing job market makes it hard for individuals to secure decent jobs. This has prompted many people to venture into home entrepreneurship to earn modest income.

Well, you may have started your venture as a home entrepreneur but you are still undecided if the specific business idea you have really suits you. If you are not certain about this important aspect of business, then you should perhaps consider some of the following home business ideas. For now, we will explore just 5 of them.

Freelance Gigs

The internet offers unlimited job opportunities to anyone. What makes the internet very useful is that it gives you access to a lot of resources and potential employers. If you are good in a particular skill such as writing and blogging, you can transfer those skills online and start earning decent money from freelance writing. As a professional SEO writer, you can create content for websites or blogs and get paid per hour or per project.  In addition, there are many freelancing websites which also include other job categories such as web design, programming, data entry, research, virtual administrative assistants among others. All these are very good jobs that can help you live a modest lifestyle.

Home Design& Renovation Services

If you have design, decoration, and building skills, you can also use them to earn a decent income. In fact, home renovation is among the most lucrative home business ideas because many people require renovation and design services at one point in their lives. You may partner with a colleague or friend who has a different set of skills and use your combined skills for your benefit.

Blogging &Affiliate Programs

Alternatively, you can set up an information portal or blog and promote specific ideas or products also. If you intend to set up a blog, then you should be able to attract fan base and considerable internet traffic. Affiliate programs and internet marketing is also a viable option for you as a home entrepreneur. You only need to sign up for an affiliate program, promote products, get referrals and you start earning.

E-Store and Product Marketing

You can also start your online shop and sell hardware or software. This could be profitable if you focus on a particular niche such as weight loss products, back pain products, or toys. However, you will need to do more research to identify your niche market and also set up your website ore-store. The good thing with setting up an e-store is that it gives you virtual access to millions of customers online. To get their attention, you have to employ marketing techniques and increase sales.


Personalized Services

As a home entrepreneur, you can also start a business which offers personalized services. This can be very profitable considering the demanding nature of modern jobs. For instance, you can start a flower delivery agency, or gifts delivery business. You can deliver gifts such a birthday cards and gifts, valentine flowers, mother day’s gifts& delights, to members and friends of your clients.