Caring For Mom And Dad At Home

Taking care of elderly parents at home is a major concern of many families. This includes the certainty of good health care and right living situation. A fervent planning is essential to this matter.

It is difficult to discuss the issues of aging, but the love and care of many children to their elderly parents are manifested in providing these old fellows a thorough care at their own homes. Recent survey tells that approximately eighty-five percent of families attend to the needs of these elderly parents by applying senior care at home. Care giving usually starts when disturbing misfortunes and warning signs occur.

On the other hand, there are also a number of factors to be considered before opting to take care of the aging members of the family in the home. Bringing an elderly parent into the home should be coordinated with awareness and acceptance of important things like an intended space, medications, personal meals and proper hygiene.

To discuss further, let’s consider the following issues:  

1. The entire family that comprises the wife, husband and children should accept the reality that having elderly parents at home may cause some burdens which could only be unloaded through the family’s solidarity towards cooperation, love and care in dealing with the daily life of the old ones. 

    Sharing each family member’s concern, through sincere conversations about and to  the elderly parent may motivate them to live longer and appreciate the beauty of life in their old days. You may include other people by inviting them to come and visit them. These outsiders might be your relatives, close friends or church brethren. Monitoring of your parents’ moods and feelings can be done by showing interest to be with them when they need your company, when they want to enjoy their hobbies and other daily activities. You can assist or guide them to get involve in social organizations or clubs or attend regular church services. This is a very important step to taking care of your elderly parent(s) at home. 

    2. Preparing a clean and fresh and an orderly room or place for your parents is the next step to make. You can paint it with soft colors for soothing result. A well-ventilated and lighted room with ideal bed can bring a cool environment, too. The room which is located in the ground floor and accessible to the bathroom is a desirable factor to consider. 

      For security purposes, address safety issues when these old family members need assistance in getting stuffs away from her reach, especially those things which are placed in elevated racks.   They need aid in order for them to stay on their feet. An elevated seat for toilet activity is a great help to help prevent falls. Make sure that the house has enough space for your parents to easily find the way to the rooms and hallways without danger.Set aside appliances and furniture which are less important. Improved handlers and bars are advisable to be installed in deliberated areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Spreading out of rugs can be starters for harmful incidents, remove and place them to the area they ought to be kept. You can also change the handles on sinks and tubs to make them more accessible. According to the National Institute on Aging, local and state bureaus are designed to extend help. Don’t hesitate to make arrangements with them to lessen the expenses and to usher safety in caring for your elder at home.

      Provide a phone with large, clearly marked buttons and pre-programmed urgent contact numbers in case of immediate help while the senior citizen is home alone.

      Let them enjoy their independence if they wanted to. Only be watchful to any changes (that may happen) in their way of doing things around the house. Such could provide clues to their health. Just like neglecting housework would mean depression, dementia or other problems.  

      3.  Checking the health condition of the aging parents is a must. Your elderly might be a patient of Alzheimer’s and diabetes diseases or even a bedridden one. None of these cases is easy to handle. If there’s a need to hire a key caregiver, you must do in order to unload the burden of the family..

        Or as they get older, you may wish to make certain of his way of taking care of his health. It is necessary to help your aging parent maintain his independence. Watch out of his weight, taste or smell, underlying conditions like under nourishment, dementia, gloominess or malignancy.

        Be attentive to your parents’ way of walking. If they are unable to walk usual distances, these oldies might encounter knee or hip arthritis. You might consider the benefit of a cane or walker.Limitations in muscles, conflicts in joints and other discomforts related to aging can hamper the moving around and bring difficulty in their physical activities. If your parents are unsteady on their feet, they may be at risk of falling which is a major cause of disability among older adults. Encourage regular medical checkups or schedule a doctor's visit. The doctor’sguidanceis a great help.

        As a caregiver to your own elderly mother or father, you should be alert in doing one of the most important tasks, that is getting the necessary medications, and on the schedule set by the physician of these aged family members. It's also a good idea for the caregiver and other members in the family to learn the schedules and proper handling of the medication. Buying a box for designated pills with either morning or evening and days of the week schedules can help in keeping up with medications easier to remember. Be attentive that a lot of elderly patients do not take all their medications, or may be on their oblivion stage, better make sure you keep track or serve them yourself.

          4.  Think about home care services for your aging parents if you find them trouble taking care of themselves. Maybe you could hire someone to clean the house and run errands. A home health care aide could help your parents with daily activities. 

          There comes a point in time when you realize you are not a superman that can do all alone. Sorry to say than a lot of us don't even know where to start looking for help when it comes to assessment of home care needs for our elderly parents, or even assisted-living or long-term or nursing home care,. Learning what to ask is one of the best ways to settle on a particular service or fitness which is the right one for your elderly parent. 

          Take advantage of the privilege to get the help of local agencies which can be found using the Elder care Locator, a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging. Such can connect you with services in your parents' area. There are social workers who can evaluate your parents' needs and put them in touch with pertinent services, such as home care workers and help with meals and transportation.

          Sometimes, the stubbornness of aging parents who would not admit their helplessness is disgusting. They just don't realize they need help. Just be patient in reminding them that you care about them and that you want to do what's best to promote their health and well-being, both today and in the months and years to come (“Five Signs of Health Problems,” 2011).

          5.  Bathing,toileting, and dressing are just among the primary needs of elderly parents everyday. Some aged people are so embarrassed of their lack of ability to take care of themselves that they would become short tempered and quarrelsome if mentioned about it. As a caregiver, be conscious that such manners are normal and the anger showed is not actually referred or intended to you, but at the circumstances that they find themselves in.

            Take a look at the physical aspect of your elderly parents. They must bear cleanliness and orderliness. Make sure they are well-treated and cared. Failure to keep up with daily activities like bathing, tooth brushing and other basic cleaning up could point toward health problems such as dementia, depression or physical weaknesses.

            The bathtub must be equipped with safety handles or grab bars for assistance of an elderly parent whenever he is in and out of the tub. Difficulty of doing things in the bathtub may resort to incidents that would only bring regrets to you and the whole family. Secure the needed equipment which can be found in neighboring medical supply stores. A Walk in tub for the elderly may be in order if your elderly parent has trouble standing up in the tub.  You can get discounted walk-in-tubs from Amazon, Wal-Mart, Lowes and Home Depot.

            Taking a bed bath for a minimum of two to three times a week is advisable to old parents who are on bed. Giving them the bed bath takes time and needs proper handling for their comfort and benefits.

            The use of a bed pan is another helpful thing for bedridden parents, though it may create unpleasant chores. But just remember how your elderly parent must feel if you show your complaints or unpleasant reactions. Be diplomatic and supportive and encouraging all the time. A variety of bed pans is available in many stores, be local or online. Start purchasing the one that will go best with the needs of your parent. Some old people are recovering from hip or back surgery; a 'fracture bed pan' is most appropriate to them because this stuff has smaller size and is designed to slide easily under the hips. Plastic bed pans warm. Yet, it is still a must to ensure the comfort of your parent when helping them get situated to use a bedpan correctly. Teach everyone in the house how to empty bed pans swiftly and prudently, then how to rinse and store. Prepare enough privacy needed by your old parents, and any supplies like toilet tissue before leaving them alone.

            6. It is truly essential to ensure preventive bedsores, another concern to take heed. While they may seem tired to many, these pains can be the sources of major problems down the line if not taken heed or treated on time. A bed sore, which starts off as a reddened area, can quickly weakens into a pressure ulcer, or as they are more commonly known as deceits ulcers, will be suffered from. Keeping the bedridden parent turned throughout the day, or let him shift position and move around often can help in preventing bedsores. It is your role to encourage your parent to sit up on occasion, and make sure plenty of pillows are available for support and comfort.

              Little things mean a lot to these aged loved-ones. Just like your elderly father may feel comfortable about himself if he's freshly shaved every morning, or that your mother may want to apply some makeup or a hair salon. These will go a long way to boost their self-esteem. They are just among those people who have lost freedom, mobility or self-confidence as they age.Your love and care would bring a great support to their old days here on earth.

              It's a reality that one of these days your parent will need your help in getting him or her to the toilet.As earlier as possible, take time to install a frame for toilet measure. The frame will assist the elderly in his/her sitting and rising positions, and will offer stability and something to hang on to. An elevated seat is of great help to old who are recovering from hip surgery or back trouble. Place the toilet paper and tissues in accessible area to avoid messiness or undesirable scene.

              Another topic of intense embarrassment to many elderly people is the need to wear protective briefs because of inconvenience issues. Yet again, your parent is more than likely a proud person who is as horrified as anyone else to realize that they need such protective measures, but it is a reality of life that even you will have to deal with such case also one day (Wang, 2007).

              However, the best condition is when the parents can still manage and handle a situation on their own effort and can decide in progress in case of an emergency. How admirable that they could still look into the types of retirement options and opt which is most suitable by making informed decisions about life-sustaining medical care, and making sure those documents, instructions, and powers of attorney available to them an emergency. 

              Still, how fascinating it is to follow the elderly parents’ progress which is under your control and care.It is a sweet feeling to be of service to these senior citizens. Several alternatives are still available with the purpose to help them through their senior years. Just be resourceful in researching online on what else you can apply for their benefits. The decision as to whether to go on living in the home often depends on your eagerness to manage your parent's daily life (“How to take care,” 2007).

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