If you have a carpet in your home and especially if you have children or animals you may be surprised at the amount of dirt, dander, and hair that can accumulate on your carpet. Animals especially can shed and leave miscellaneous debris and stains on a carpet that otherwise looks fairly clean. Often all you need to do is to run a vacuum cleaner across a section of your carpet and then peer into the collection cup to see just how bad a carpet cleaning is needed. Aside from puling out the vacuum ever couple of days this article should give you a few carpet cleaning tips that might help in keeping your carpet cleaner and more sanitary for you and your children.

Carpet Cleaning Tips For People With Pets

Personally I've found that the more animals you have confined in a smaller space the more often home carpet cleaning needs to occur. Our cats shed so much that if we go a few weeks without vacuuming we have to empty our vacuum cleaner's collection cup after cleaning the carpets in each room. There's not enough room in the collection cup to hold the dirt and hair that three cats leave on the floor not to mention the amount of filth that accumulates on the carpet behind the 4 drawer file cabinet. Obviously cleaning the carpets more often helps to keep things under control but so to does spending some time every few days with your animals brushing them to remove the loose hair.

Grooming your animals works to keep your carpets cleaner in two related ways. It keeps animal shedding to a minimum so that less hair and dander accumulates on the carpets and it also mean your cats are less likely to cough of hair balls on the carpets. Hairballs are obviously even worse than shedding because a significant carpet cleaning solution and process must be followed to spot clean these areas. By keeping animals groomed properly there will be less shedding and hairballs to clean up.

Preventative Carpet Cleaning Tips

Other simple home carpet cleaning tips include other preventative measures such as installing a home air purifier or HEPA filter in the house. These work to pull a lot of the small particles of dirt, dust, dander, and general unpleasant items from the air. These particles if left circulating through the air are often the cause of unsanitary conditions and can often spawn sinus and allergic reactions in people. Keeping these particles from settling in your carpet means your house should be more livable and easier to clean.

For those moments where spot carpet cleaning is necessary due to spills, accidents, or pet messes I recommend having a good system in place for immediate spot cleaning. My carpet cleaning tips all rely on the power of hot water, strong carpet cleaner solution, and suction. More than anything else I've found that using a spot carpet cleaner with suction power is the best way to keep a carpet clean and sanitary between routine professional cleanings. I use a Spotbot but any spot suction cleaning machine will work.

Spot Carpet Cleaning

The best carpet cleaning tips I have are these. Mix your carpet cleaning solution immediately with near boiling water. Apply a reasonable amount of the mixture to the spot and let it set for a minute or so and then scrub the spot lightly while the machine sucks up the carpet cleaning solution. After this first pass repeat one or two more times each time scrubbing slightly harder. The point is that you don't want to scrub the soil further into the carpet you just want to loosen it so that the machine can suck it up.

Once you perfect this carpet cleaning tip you will find that your entire carpet may need a complete cleaning from a steam cleaner as the spot may end up being the only clean spot on your carpet. I've found that this is the case in the more heavy foot traffic areas of your carpet because this carpet cleaning tip is so effective. Try to maintain spot cleaning as much as possible throughout the year and you will at least have a much easier time steam cleaning your entire carpets when the time comes for this big job.

Clean Carpet Maintenance

Lastly it is no surprise that one of the most efficient carpet cleaning tips is to maintain clean carpets for as long as possible after initial cleaning. Aside from air purification and animal grooming the other very common cause of carpet soil is foot traffic. A great yet obvious carpet cleaning tip is to not let dirt from foot traffic get ground into the carpet. This can be done and should be done in two ways. Keep your shoes off the carpet by removing them when you come inside the house from outside. And second, spot clean the high traffic areas of your carpet such as near your front door and your main hallways so that these areas do not get too bad.

As you can see the best carpet cleaning tips really are suggestions of precaution and prevention. You can effectively clean a carpet if you make sure stains do not set in it. You can accomplish this goal by making sure to efficiently and effectively spot clean your carpet when ever a potential stain occurs. The key to this really is to use an extremely hot carpet cleaning solution in conjunction with a suction device to keep from scrubbing soil in deeper.

Prevention techniques end with preventative maintenance. All carpet cleaning tips can essentially be summarized with the call for preventative maintenance. If you clean you carpet regularly and steam clean you high traffic areas more often than your neighbor your carpet will always be in peak shape and cleaning it will always be easier than if you wait too long to take action. Keeping your animals well groomed at all times and keeping your dirty shoes off the carpet help to keep dirt from accumulating and running the vacuum often enough to keep grime from accumulating on the carpet keeps everything sanitary and keeps the eventual professional steam cleaning a simpler and more effective job.