There are a number of things that are normally used in closet organization systems. If you are creating your own custom closet you have a choice of rods, shelves, shoe racks, bins, and drawers. These few types of organizational tools can create an unlimited number of closet systems. Your own personal closet space will be determined by the size of your closet, how much stuff you have, and your budget. A small closet will not give you as many possible combinations as a large closet. It doesn't matter how well organized and planned your closet is, you can only put so much stuff in there at one time.

Most closets come with a long rod, some space underneath, and a shelf running across the top. This is simply not enough for many people. There is so much wasted space in the basic closet and this space can be more efficiently utilized by creating your very own custom closet system.

Using Rods in Closet Organization Systems

Most people have a certain amount of clothing that needs to be on hangers. This is one of the first things that will need to be decided when creating your closet system. How many rods will be needed to comfortably contain all of your clothes that will hang? Once that has been determined you can either have a single row of rods for long clothes or a double row of rods for shirts and pants. Using a double row of rods can create a lot of workable space. You can put shelving or drawers under a single rod if you'd prefer.

Using Shelves in a Closet

Shelves are very versatile in a closet. They can hold almost anything. You can put plastic storage boxes, bins, sweaters, shoes, and many more items on them. Long shelves can go across the top of a closet rod or you can have a stack of shelves to use. Any spare bit of space in your custom closet that you don't know what to do with can be turned over to a shelving unit to increase the available storage space.

Shoe Racks for the Closet

I personally have no use for shoe racks in my closet. I'm anti-shoe but there are a lot of people that require an area designated for shoe storage. If you have many pairs of shoes and want to be able to find them quickly a shoe rack is the way to go. When using shelves it is too easy to push one shoe here and one shoe there in order to fit other things in. If you have a rack that is just for shoes you can't really put other things on it and your shoes will stay together and organized. Shoe racks can be small or large depending on the number of shoes that need to be held.

Bins and Totes in the Closet

Plastic totes with lids and bins can be used to hold smaller or seasonal items. Totes are handy for things that you don't need to get to often. They can be stacked on top of one another or placed on a back or hard to reach shelf until the time comes to pull them out again. Bins or baskets are a great way to personalize a closet. There are always certain items that you just don't know what to do with and this is where the bins will come in handy. You should keep your bins organized somehow so you can remember which bin goes with which type of item. Some items that can go into bins include craft projects, photos, sweaters, and other miscellanea.

Using Drawers in Your Closets

Put drawers in your closets to hold the overflow from your dresser. The space in a chest of drawers always seems to get filled up pretty quick and having a few drawers in the closet can help to keep your dresser chaos free. If you and your partner tend to fight over who need more space this is one way to keep peace in the family. I can't tell you how many drawers you need but most people never seem to have enough storage so try and figure out how many you can use and add them to your list of possible closet customizations. If you are building your own closet make sure that you take the time to properly assemble the drawers. A drawer that doesn't work easily can drive you nuts in short order. Make sure your drawers glide in and out with no catching or hang-ups.

Closet Organization Kits vs. Piecemeal Closet Creation

The easiest way to create a closet organization system is to purchase a closet kit. These work pretty well and are normally cheaper than buying one piece at a time. The main drawback to the kit is that they contain a predetermined number of bits. If you need a certain number of drawers you will have to try and find a kit that contains them. If you are flexible in your needs or have a number of closets to organize using several of these kits in combination can give you more possibilities.

If you buy a shelf here and a drawer there you will probably end up spending more money but you'll be spending it a bit at a time. You will also have more control over which items that go into your closet. Using this system means that you can create exactly what you need or want.

A fully organized and functional closet can clear a lot of clutter from a home. You can organize bedroom closets, coat closets, pantries, and bathrooms with closet organization systems. It doesn't matter how big your closet is (well it does but only to an extent) or how much stuff you have, you can get it organized if you give it a shot. Do an inventory of what you want to keep in your closet and start looking into the most efficient method of storing it. Each person in the household will have their own needs that can be met given a little thought and enough boxes, bins, totes, and shelves.