Composting can be done easily and quickly with a composting tumbler bin

Composting is a fun and rewarding activity that anyone can do in one’s own backyard, and it is made easier and faster by the use of a purchased composting bin, also known as a composting tumbler. All organic yard materials decompose naturally into humus, a soil-like substance that is rich in nutrients and helpful microbes. Composting is a way of controlling and speeding up the process, by mixing the ideal ingredients together in the ideal combination and environment. A compost bin is a great way to maximize control over this environment and get to the desired finished product – compost – as quickly as possible.

A compost bin enhances the composting process in several ways. First, and most obvious, it keeps the compost in a contained area, so it doesn’t spread out and has the best opportunity to stay mixed together. Also, it keeps the compost protected from wind and provides some insulation so the pile stays warm. Composters usually keep the pile mixed within a compost bin by stirring it up with a pitch fork, or turning it over into a new pile.

A purchased bin includes all these benefits and more. Scientists have found that open-air compost piles need to be about 3-5 feet tall and wide for best results. This is partly because a larger pile size is needed to keep the pile warm. However, purchased bins and tumblers tend to be smaller in size. Because of the benefits of such a container, such as an enclosed environment, good air circulation, and easy mixing of the compost, you will be able to produce compost in smaller amounts much more quickly. Another great benefit is that they usually come with a lid, and may even be lockable. This prevents critters from getting in, so you can include food scraps in your compost mix. And, one more benefit – they tend to be much more attractive that an open-air, home-made compost bin.

A basic composter is usually an upright, fully enclosed container made from plastic so it won’t join in the decomposition. They often come with sliding panels that make it easy to mix, add and remove compost.

Presto Products GKL0951-6 Geobin Composting SystemAn inexpensive variety comes in the form of an upright, cylindrical bin, like a garbage can. They are usually made of a mesh plastic material for maximum air ventilation. These are very light weight but durable, so you can easily relocate them as needed. They are easy to setup and easy to fill. On the downside, they are not completely enclosed, so animals can still get in. But for regular yard waste they work very well. Presto makes a nice one for only $30.

Envirocycle Original Composter BlackThe most popular and advanced type of compost bin is the tumbler. As the name implies, these hold the compost in a tumbler container that can easily be spun, or “tumbled”, to mix the compost and increase aeration. These usually include all the other beneficial features, such as plastic material, air holes, and a completely enclosed container. A typical size is about 7 cubic feet, and you can usually produce finished compost in only 4-6 weeks. The most popular model of tumbler compost bin is the Envirocycle Original Composter. It has a lot of positive reviews, which agree that this composter works consistently for many years. Also, it is very easy to work with, fill, empty and tumble. Perhaps the feature that makes this model stand out the most, though, is that it has a second compartment that collects compost tea at the same time the compost is being made!

Composter bins and tumblers are difficult to find in stores, unless you have a compost supply specialty store nearby. However, it is easy to order one online. The reduced cost you can find them at online department stores is usually more than enough to make up for the shipping costs. And some you may be able to find with free shipping. Purchasing a compost bin or tumbler can turn you into a super gardener in just a few weeks!