Interior design of your own home can be very exciting and tremendous fun. It can, however, be a very expensive experience and many mistakes can be made along the way.  There are some major decisions that must be made when it comes to some of the larger and more costly items that you need.  Impulse buying is not always recommended when it comes to a three piece suite or large display cabinet for example, as items such as this may look wonderful in the store but could easily be too large or totally unsuitable in your room. One of the ways in which you can create the look that you want without paying out huge amounts for a total refit is to purchase some home décor rugs, decorative pillows and couch throws. By doing this, you can easily alter the whole feel of a room relatively inexpensively.

A home décor rug is a great investment for any room.  If you move into a home with a large area of carpet and you are not altogether happy with the pattern or colour, then this is an option that can save you the expense and trouble of a total change.  A rug that co-ordinates with the colour of your furniture can dramatically alter the look of a room and take the eye away from a drab or unsuitably coloured or patterned carpet.

Many rooms these days are finished with a wooden, laminate or tiled floor.  This can be very practical when it comes to ease of cleaning, but you may find that it can be a little cold during the winter months and your room may lack the warmth that you get with a carpet.  If this is the case, then a home décor rug will not only be attractive but will also add to the warmth of the room.  If, however, you are planning on using a rug on a hard floor, whichever type it may be, make sure that your rug is finished with a non slip underside.  If it is not, then it is possible to buy a thin separate mat to put under the rug which will ensure it stays where you want it.  This is not only practical but also a good safety feature as many people have slipped and injured themselves as a result of rugs sliding under their feet.

Decorative rugs are not only suitable for brightening up, or hiding unpopular carpet, in the living room.  They can be used in all areas of the house.  Do be careful though and consider the safety aspect – do not put a rug directly at the top of the staircase for example!  Also, you should consider what the area is used for.  If you wish to use a rug in an area of high traffic, the kitchen or the dining area, then perhaps you should consider a stain resistant rug.  If you cannot find one that is suitable then you can also get stain resisting products which you can spray onto the one that you have chosen.  Check carefully first that the product and material of the rug are compatible.
Bathrooms can also greatly benefit from a home décor rug or mat and bathmats can easily be found in colours and patterns to compliment the room.  Very often these are already complete with a non slip back and are usually washable.  Such rugs are inexpensive and can be either left in place to change the look of your bathroom, or used as a temporary measure to stop yourself from slipping when leaving the bath or shower.

Whichever room you are planning to re-design or brighten up, you will find that an inexpensive rug can be an invaluable asset to the décor of your home and it is one of those items which you can buy on impulse without worrying too much about making a costly mistake.