If you are looking for standard sized Home Depot plantation shutters for your windows, you may not be able to find them at Home Depot any more. Instead you may find that you need to custom order your shutters, which of course adds quite a bit to your total outlay of money. Previously this was not a problem, and Home Depot was actually one of the best places you could purchase them from.

There are several benefits to buying standard sized shutters, with one of the main benefits being that they are usually quite a bit cheaper than custom made shutters. Also, they are usually very simple to put up, all you need is a screwdriver, the blind, screws and you can have them up in a matter of minutes if you are used to doing these kind of things yourself. Another real pro to buying standard sized shutters is that it is much easier to buy and install the blinds one at a time, as you have the confidence that when it comes time to hang another shutter you can just go down to Home Depot and buy one that is exactly the same shade and the right size.

Another glitch that has come up is that Home Depot seems to be recommending that their experts come in to install the shutters for you, of course at an additional cost. On the plus side of this, if you have them come in to measure then install the shutters any problems that come up during the installation, such as improperly fitting shutters for example, will be covered by Home Depot. Also, if you are a bit short on funds they offer a six month without interest payment plan, which is also very accommodating and definitely something to consider. There is also an option for full-house installation, whereby if you have three or more windows that you are having shutters or blinds installed in they will do it all for a flat rate of $118. That could be a great deal if you were outfitting your whole house, for example.

If you are looking at a basic window installation of Home Depot plantation shutters, and you order custom blinds plus have them installed for you, you should set aside around $200 per window, depending on the size of the shutters of course. That may be too much for you. If it is, there are other alternatives open to you. While these options may not be quite as cheap as ordering standard sized shutters from Home Depot and putting them up yourself, they end up being quite a bit cheaper in most cases than going ahead with your Home Depot purchase.

Look for sales on blinds and shutter from various online retailers and shops. You can often find online stores who are willing to give you free shipping as well, should you order over a certain amount. Many online stores actually prefer to sell standard sized Plantation shutters as that makes it easier for them and they don't have to worry about fitting non-custom blinds online.

Another alternative is to order your custom blinds from Home Depot and negotiate that they will come and measure for the blinds themselves, rather than you giving them the measurements. They will do this for around $35, and the great thing about it is if the shutters do not fit exactly they are responsible for it, not you. Then, once they have measured and supplied you with the blinds you can go ahead and put them up yourself.

If by chance you notice that standard sized plantation shutters are available at Home Depot once again, you might be wise to go ahead and purchase all of the shutters you think you will need even if you do not plan on putting them all up at the same time. That way you will be assured of having them, should they no longer be available again.