For most homemakers, time and proper investment can make homes more livable. This means investing in quality furniture and fixtures that will last for years. With recent advances in designs, there have been many furniture pieces that have been manufactured to offer functionality as well as aesthetic values in homes. A variety of materials have also been used. Stainless steel, bamboo, plastic and wood furniture have been popular choices of materials in modern homes. They also come in a variety of designs from the simple to the most extravagant.

Traditional Comfort: Wood Rocking Chairs

When buying new furniture or adding accent pieces, a rocking chair can be a worthwhile addition to the furnishing. It is a functional piece that can be a cozy retreat when placed in the study or in sunrooms and patios. Traditional chairs are usually made of wood and are quite charming when matched with wooden interiors and existing furnishings. With innovations in traditional designs, these wooden chairs have evolved into more functional furniture. Ledges that can accommodate children also make for an interesting seating for cuddling and storytelling. There are also those that are manufactured to be more of an artistic accent with slim architectural details but are still as comfortable as those with traditional constructions. The combination of solid wood construction and the soft silhouettes of rattan and bamboo weaving have also been a popular style.

Rocking Chair
Credit: StarMama

Design Innovations: Modern Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are not limited to wooden materials. With the modern lifestyle of today, more materials have been used in traditional designs. A combination of metals, leather and plastics has been structurally combined to produce chairs that suits contemporary homes. Stainless steel and leather in particular, have been common in offices and study rooms in homes with industrial themes. The rigid construction of steel which is softened by the classic leather upholstery offers elegant comfort. Plastic has also been a versatile material as it can be molded into a variety of artistic shapes that are very much preferred by modern homemakers.

Traditional Comfort in Contemporary Design

The designs of a rocking chair have undergone amazing innovations that have produced a variety of choices for furniture ideas. They have adorned homes for centuries, offering warmth and comfort to families for generations. In today’s modern lifestyle, functionality and design have been incorporated to the otherwise humble rocking chair to provide the same comfort but with added style.