Finally getting an entire room devoted to watching films can be a big accomplishment. There really is no hiding the intent of this space so show it off with movie room decor. It might have been your husband's dream to have a home theater but you still want it to be stylish. Here are a few tips for movie room decor.

Go traditional. You might have waited for a movie room for your entire life so now is the time to celebrate it. Turn it into an old fashioned theater. Hang red velvet drapes on the windows as an ode to old show curtains. Then buy a few recliners that replicate theater seating. You can hand film strips and movie posters on the walls. Accent with a popcorn machine. It will be just like a real movie theater but they'll always be showing the exact film that you want to watch.

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Keep things modern. You might want your movie room decor to fit in with the rest of your contemporary decor. This is especially important if the space serves a dual purpose or is open to other areas of your house. This is also perfect because it won't distract you from the film or hurt your eyes. Try painting the walls a deep charcoal gray or slate blue. Your artwork doesn't have to be themes based around film. Try finding stainless steel or silver colored furniture, entertainment centers and accessories to keep things looking sleek. This contemporary look can coordinate with other rooms in your house and won't distract from a new construction home.

Movie room decor doesn't have to be tacky, juvenile or predictable. You can make it high class just by going back to the art deco phase. Try adding geometric moldings to your walls. Show off tray ceilings with rope moldings. Decorate with oversized wall sconces that you put on a dimmer. This will help create the feel of Old Hollywood right in your own home. Your husband can finally get a home theater but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style.

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Go with a specific movie. This allows you to create a theme that is unique just to you instead of everyone else that has a home theater. You don't have to go overboard with this theme. You could just use the colors from your favorite DVD cover or be inspired by the setting. This will create a room that doesn't scream that it was built around the TV. You could even just go with the time period from your favorite theme by adding a retro, vintage or Moroccan theme. You don't want to go so overboard with the décor that no one can concentrate on the film so make sure that your decorating gestures are subtle and understated.

Movie room decor can work with most design styles while still being perfectly functional. This is one of the few rooms where it makes design sense to base your space around the TV. You'll want to ensure that you minimize glaring either by your furniture placement or just with heavy curtains or blinds.