Home Economics is the practice of managing a family's finances. All families have certain expenses that must be met out of whatever income the family produces. Having an organized plan for this is called budgeting. Each family is different and requires different strategies in their financial plan.


Budgeting is figuring out how much is needed from each income source to meet all expenditures. In the best of cases all bills can be paid while leaving enough to save for the future and emergencies. This cannot always be accomplished through all stages of life at when the expenditures are greater than the income cost cutting methods can be attempted.

Frugal Living

Frugal Living can be either a way of life or a temporary measure to save on expenses. Getting the most out of each dollar via sales, cutting back on purchases, couponing, or other money saving techniques can help when the money from a paycheck disappears before the bills are paid. Using coupons to help with the grocery bill is one method of frugal living. Using coupons takes a little organization but it can be done with a little time and effort.

Some people enjoy the thrill of finding the best deal and others may be trying to get out of credit card debt. Whatever reasons a family has frugal living can be one way to save money.

Saving for the Future or Emergencies

Part of every family's home economics plan should be some savings for the future. Children need to be put through college and most families, regardless of income, have to realize that emergencies do happen and the money to cover them might not be there if a savings plan isn't figured out early. Finding a little room in the family budget to save should be an important addition to the family financial plan.


Credit can be either a boon or a curse depending on how it is used. If credit is used wisely it can be a help for the family when it comes time to make major purchases like a car or a house. If credit is used unwisely it can really mess things up. Planning how and when to use credit before falling into impulsive shopping can make or break the family's budgeting attempts.

Home Economics is a challenge for all families. Figuring out just what is needed and how to pay for it can save people a lot of stress and heartache. Trying to balance needs and wants can be done with wise financial planning and a little common sense.