This article is on how to get a bad credit home equity loans. If you have bad credit and need a home equity loan, this is going to tell you how.

Home equity loans let someone with a home borrow money by signing a contract that makes their home considered collateral. People usually borrow this way if they want a big sum of money or if they don't have perfect credit. These people will often find a home equity loan most appealing to them.

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So what is a home equity loan? A home equity loan is like having another mortgage. DO NOT confuse it with a home equity line of credit.

There are loads of advantages to having a Home Equity Loan. Home equity loans are appealing to people borrowing for a number of good reasons. Home equity loans usually come with a lower interest rate (or APR). If you have bad credit, it's easy to get a home equity loan. Sometimes a payment for a home equity loan is tax deductible, saving you a lot of money. People who even have bad credit can get pretty big loans if they want.

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Getting a home equity loan with bad credit or a "bad credit home equity loan" can seem difficult. Quite to the contrary, it is very easy to get a bad credit home equity loan. When you have bad credit and you want a home equity loan, lenders are more liberalistic about lending the money because home equity loans are relatively safe for them. You can't just pick up and leave the country with your house or conceal it, should you happen to default on the loan. Therefore the lender usually has a great chance of accumulating the collateral. They also think that you are pretty likely to deliver the payments on time and treat them as a budget priority, if your house is on the line.


Also, there are lots of lenders who do JUST bad credit loans (frequently called Sub-Prime Lenders) and therefore specialize in them. Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage to having bad credit and applying for a bad credit home equity loan, which is only to be expected though. When applying for a loan and you have bad credit, you usually find that you will have to pay more interest (ie: higher interest rates), in comparison to someone with clean credit history. This is like the lender's loan insurance. The other disadvantage when applying for a bad credit home equity loan is that the largest amount of money you can get is usually less than a clean credit person. Having bad credit is always a disadvantage, but you can still apply for a home equity loan, and then you can build up your credit history until you have good credit again.

You can apply for two different types of home equity loan if you have bad credit. There's a secured bad credit loan and an unsecured bad credit loan.

A secured bad credit loan is basically just a loan usually allotted to someone with bad credit. It is always secured by some kind of asset the borrower owns. If you want a loan, but you have bad credit but you have a house you use the house as your loan collateral. This is why they call it a home equity loan, or a bad credit home equity loan.

An unsecured bad credit loan is kind of like the opposite of a secured bad credit loan. You have to be honest with yourself if you have bad credit and you think you're going to get an unsecured loan. The chances are slim to nil. If you have bad credit and you don't have collateral, it's bad for the lender because it increases the risk of loss. Just like trying to apply for any other type of loan with bad credit.

When you do end up with a bad credit home equity loan, use it as your chance to build up your credit history again. It's almost like you last chance at getting good credit so use it wisely.