With lifestyles becoming more and more sedentary, the health and fitness industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Many people either have expensive memberships to certain gyms or invest in home fitness exercise equipment to stay in shape. Advances in science and technology has spawned many types of exercise machine and equipment to suit the requirements for both commercial and domestic usage.

Most people associate home fitness exercise equipment with the large pieces of equipment commonly found in gyms. Home fitness exercise equipment doesn't have to be large, fancy expensive to be effective. Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone your muscles or simply stay in shape, working out at home can be one of the most efficient ways reach your fitness goals. This is especially true if you have busy and odd working schedules or if you do not wish to spend the money and travel time that comes with a gym membership. Often we want to achieve maximum gains with minimal time spent and working out from home is a great way to do this.

Exercising at home requires more self motivation and persistence. Exercise equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. If you haven't trained in a while or have never trained at all you're probably not going to need much home fitness exercise equipment. Starting with the basic home fitness exercise equipment like exercise ball, resistance bands and a few sets of (fixed size or adjustable) dumbbells makes the most sense. Because there's no sense in spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something you might only use for a couple of months or weeks, just to have it lying around and constantly reminding you of all the broken promises you made to yourself. Once you prove to yourself that you will be consistent with it then buying more elaborate equipment later will be a smart move, otherwise it will just sit there and collect dust. Gradually when you have achieved your short set goals and if you can afford to spend more, you might consider a home gym or a bigger piece of cardio equipment, like a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

The basics of any home fitness exercise program are planning and setting goals. Do not copy what others do and purchase or get seduced by TV commercials selling useless junk pieces of exercise equipment. Different people have different requirements according to their body shapes and a number of other factors. Identify those first and then find the right home fitness exercise equipment to achieve your goals. Whether you buy the equipment from your local fitness store or from any website, the amount of room you have is going to be a huge factor in what you choose to include in your home fitness center. Keep it simple in the beginning. Once you become a little more comfortable with training and have made the decision to stick with it, then you can begin to upgrade and invest more money. Depending on your goals, level of fitness, available space, and budget you can either invest in a complete home training center, purchase the bare minimum, or simply use a body weight workout that requires nothing at all.