There are many things in life that you cannot prepare for, but you can make sure that you and your family have food if you ever face an emergency, disaster, or strenuous financial times. Food is one of our most basic necessities, so it should be an important part of each individual's and family's survival kit. If you do not have a food storage supply, all you have to do is put together a supply of preserved food and set it aside for emergency purposes only.

There are many different types of food that you can add to a home food storage supply. Three of the main types of preserved food that people use is canned food, dehydrated food, and freeze dried food. Each is very different from the rest, but all make good choices for food storage supplies.

Canned Food Storage
This is one of the most popular types of food storage for two main reasons. First, it is an inexpensive option for many people. Secondly, it is widely available and very easy to get a hold of. You can easily buy canned food from your local grocery store. Canned food is boiled before being tightly sealed in cans. Boiling the food kills off the bacteria that would otherwise cause the food to go bad within a short period of time. However, boiling obviously changes the original state of the food. Canned food is often a bit mushy in texture, lacks some of its original flavor, and lacks much of its original nutritional content.

Dehydrated Food Storage
Dehydrated food is another popular choice in food storage. There are different types of dehyrated foods that you can buy. Some items include things like dried soup, powdered milk, and sun dried tomatoes, but there are many other dehydrated foods that you can buy from food storage companies that are specifically for food storage or travel purposes. For example, many hikers use dehydrated food. Dehyrated foods are created by adding some type of heat source to the food. Sun drying and air drying are two very common dehydrating techniques. Dehydrated foods are inexpensive but they are also altered during the preservation process. They become chewier, often have a different flavor, and are lower in nutritional value than they were in their original state.

Freeze Dried Food Storage
Freeze dried food is a great choice for food storage, as well. It is the most expensive of the three because of is high quality, and because the equipment used to make freeze dried meals is more expensive. Unlike the other two options, freeze dried food is not altered during the preservation process. Instead it goes through a sophisticated flash freezing process which leaves it in a state of suspended animation. When the food is reconstituted it gains back its original flavors, nutritional value, aromas, and flavors. Typically, you have to buy freeze dried meals from a food storage company.