Home Gym Equipment

Equipment For Your Home Gym

Lots of people just want to work out at home. Maybe it's winter, maybe the gym is too far, maybe the gym membership is too expensive, or you don't want to spend lots of money on equipment. You can get a great workout with home gym equipment that you already own. Time to workout at home.


The Floor

1. Pushups

Great exercise to work your chest and arms. You can do these everyday day or even twice a day. Just do 20 right now!

2. Squats

Hard exercise that will work your leg muscles immensely. Make sure you are using proper form.

3. Crunches

Work those abs. Lots of people believe they are more effective than sit ups as well. 

4. Jump Rope

One of the best time management exercises. Jumping rope for 20 minutes straight is an intense workout that will be great for you. If you don't have a rope, or can't really jump rope, pretend you have one. Pretending is just as hard and it saves your toes.

5. Running on the spot

One of my Martial Arts teachers told me that his friend, a World Champion in Martial Arts, who lives in Alaska would never run outside. She would run on the spot, and with discipline this can be a rewarding workout.


Chin up Bar

This is a great investment that you can add your home gym equipment. You can get a chin up bar that will fit in your doorway. Chin ups are hard, and a great workout. One tip I learned is to put the bar in a certain doorway and every time you walk through the door, do a chin up (or at least try).



If you access to stairs, whether it is in your apartment building or your house, stairs can be a great piece of home gym equipment. If you have access to lots of flights of stairs, like in an apartment building, get ready for an awesome workout. Take the stairs up and down everyday. I live on the 24th floor, and it's a great mini workout.

1. Running Stairs

If you want a better workout do the follow:

1. Warm up: Walk up and down 15-20 flights of stairs

2. Rest for 2 minutes

3. Run up 10 flights of stairs

4. Repeat Steps two and three as many times as you can. You will be sweating and your legs will be screaming at you. It's great.

2. Calf Raises

Calf raises are a great workout for your calf muscles (back of your leg, from foot to knee). Stand on the edge of the stairs with your heels hanging off, and use your toes and calf muscles to make your whole body go up and down. Do 100, you will be sore the next day. This is a great way to improve how high you can jump as well.


Making a home workout regime

All you have to do now is mix and match some of these exercises and do them. Be creative, don't do the same thing everyday  or you will get bored. Make sure you make a plan before you workout though, don't just wing it.

For example:

1. Warmup: Walk up 15-20 flights of Stairs

2. Rest 2 minutes

3. 20 Pushups

4. Run 10 flights of stairs and rest 2 minutes

5. 20 Crunches

6. 10 Squats

7. Run 10 flights of Stairs

8. If you can, repeat the whole thing


Good luck with your training. Now you cannot use the excuse of not having proper gym equipment at home, because everyone has a floor and can pretend to jump rope. Remember to never go past your limit, always use proper form and make sure you check with your doctor before trying any new fitness regime.