Having some home gymnastics equipment for your beginning gymnast can help them practice at home and get better faster, without paying for private gymnastics lessons. And if they are just starting to compete in gymnastics, the practice can help them improve their gymnastics score. You want to make sure you pick out the right home gymnastics equipment, so that they can use it to practice many different things instead of equipment that has one or two uses. You also want it to be able to be put away when you aren't using it. I put together a list of home gymnastics equipment that I think is a good value for the money, and that will be great for practicing gymnastics at home.

Home Gymnastics Equipment

Balance Beam: 

home gymnastics equipment beamGymnastics Folding Training Beam by Z Athletic: Having a balance beam at home can help your gymnast practice cartwheels and handstands on the beam. If your child is a little more advanced, she can practice backwalkovers, front walkovers, splits on the beam, and her beam routines. This beam is great for home use because it can fold up when you aren't using it. It's also safer than a beam that is a couple inches off the floor. If you miss the beam when it's a couple inches off the floor, and you don't have the proper mats around the beam, you can end up with twisted ankles. Also you are more likely to get bruises or bangs when the beam is a couple inches off the floor, instead of flat like this beam.

Floor Mat:

home gymnastics matRainbow Mat by GSC: Many gyms use GSC mats because they are good quality and last a long time. Having a mat at home to practice is great because practicing gymnastics because wood floors or carpets don't have a lot of cushion. You want to be able to fall without getting bruises. This mat would be great for practicing beginner tumbling: handstands,cartwheels, rolls, walkovers. 

home gymnastics equipment inclineIncline Mat:

GSC Incline Learning Mat: If you have a really young beginner gymnast, incline mats are a great learning tool. Incline mats are great for learning forward and backward rolls. You can also use them for log rolls (where you lay on your stomach with arms out and roll down the incline). Incline mats help with body awarness, and put less stress on the body than a flat surface. 


I hope this home gymnastics equipment advice helps your gymnast practice at home, and maybe advance to the next gymnastics level! You might also be interested in where to buy gymnastics leotards online