Home Improvement Projects to Increase Value of Property

Most homeowners want or need to take on occasional home improvement projects in order to increase the beauty and value of their property. Unfortunately, it’s easy to waste time and money on these types of projects if you don’t have access to the proper tools. On the other hand, use of the right tools can make a job simpler and cheaper, in addition to doing away with any need to start over again or repair shoddy work. On improvement projects that involve cutting and placing stone, tile or concrete, the right tools include a variety of essential, high-quality accessory products.

Effective work with stone, tile or concrete frequently requires the use of high-quality saw blades that can cut through extremely dense or hard materials. Super-hard industrial diamonds, implanted in the surface of a blade, are commonly used for this purpose. For instance, turbo diamond saw blades combine the strength and hardness of diamonds with an aggressive blade angle that makes it easy to cut through material rapidly. A diamond bridge saw blade can improve cutting efficiency on projects that require working with large sections of granite or marble. On smaller projects that require the use of a handheld grinder, a quad adapter for diamond saw blades can help make the job easier.

Cup wheels are circular cutting attachments designed to remove excess stone material. Use of a resin filled diamond cup wheel provides a modern, controllable way to remove excess material and obtain a desirable edge profile on the remaining stone. Another accessory, called a silicon carbide cup wheel, can be used for specialized purposes that include removing material from the face of a stone and making customized types of cuts called bowl cuts.

On projects that require drilling holes into stone, a home improvement enthusiast can use specialized drill bits called core bits, which feature a circular cutting surface surrounding a hollow center. Depending on the circumstances, these bits can be used dry (without the need for water to suppress dust) or wet. Cyclone dry core bits provide high revolutions-per-minute (RPM) for cutting power and speed, and also feature a design that increases bit durability.

Cut stone typically needs to held in place at the end of a project. Regardless of the type of natural stone used — including marble, granite or travertine — Akemi stone adhesives, produced in Germany, provide excellent surface bonding while minimizing the environmental risks that come with using chemicals in various potentially sensitive settings. For example, Akemi knife grade epoxy, sold as Akepox, is effective when applied to a wide variety of stones, and when used correctly is safe both indoors and outdoors. In addition to helping with the successful completion of new work, the right adhesive products can provide a lasting solution for patching and other common forms of stone repair. 

Whatever the project at hand, the right tool for the job can turn home improvement from a necessary chore into an interesting and exciting experience. The best results also typically come from working with experts who fully understand the products they sell.