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Stamped concrete overlays act as inexpensive home improvements which provide an authentic appearance of brick, pavement, or stone without the high-end costs. With rubber patterns your concrete overlay will appear just like natural stone, and no one will be able to tell the difference. If you prefer, there are ready-made patterns for stamped concrete which imitate natural materials such as brick or cobblestone. However, if you want to be creative with your home improvements, you can make an artificial appearance with stamped concrete.

Creating a Unique Design

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The key to creating a unique stamped concrete design for your home improvements is to be innovative. If you are unsure of where to begin, which decorative effect to use, which color to select, or how to combine patterns, effects, and colors, look around your home. You can find a design idea which is special to you, or you can use a simple rug, pillow, or painting as the foundation for a theme. So long as the idea can make an impression upon wet cement, then you have succeeded with your home improvements. There are no limits to your imagination and the newest stamping concrete technologies. Potential stamp impressions can be made from scratch or based off of something in your home.

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If you would prefer commercial stamping for your home improvements, those procedures offer imitations which are solid, but can at times be taken too far. Bringing out the beauty in concrete does not require large and boisterous stamps. In fact, it can be done through discreet stamping concrete overlay effects. A simple woodblock from your home can be integrated into your stamped concrete so long as it will not stick to the finish surface and ruin the product. Anything durable can add a unique touch to your exterior or interior.

Commercial Stamps

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If you have commercial stamps for your home improvements they can be used to create decorative borders or creative corner designs in a 1-2-1-2 pattern for your concrete kitchen countertops. These commercial stamps can also be used on a wider scale to decorative your concrete driveway or a garden path. Improving a slab of concrete is easy for homeowners and professionals alike. Creative stamping can make your redecoration project innovative and fun. If, for instance, you are redecorating the exterior of your home because you moved or because a fire damaged part of your property, you can take an emblem of the past—be it an auto transmission or an old piece of your ceiling—and use that as a personalized stamping concrete tool. When you are utilizing pieces of your past for a concrete overlay project, it is imperative that you understand the associated risks. Your personalized item could end up ruined if it does not pull free from the concrete. Commercial stamps are specifically designed and engineered to leave a clean impression and consistently pull free from any wet concrete application. Homemade stamping concrete tools were not.

It is important that during the stamping concrete procedures that you do as little hand tooling as possible. Every slab which has a deep-cut stamped concrete pattern must be jointed in order to control cracking. This is where the help of a professional concrete contractor and concrete company is extremely useful. Overall, it is important that your stamped concrete design look and feel exactly how you, as the homeowner, want it to look and feel.


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Whether you want to leave an impression on an existing piece of concrete, a single slab, or lay new concrete for a driveway, patio, or kitchen counter, there are many stamped concrete tools and ideas which can be combined. With the help of professionals, you can create a concrete overlay which is carefully divided with sawed joints. Slumped concrete can be ordered and measured for quantity. Once you have decided upon the stamps you desire, you can lay them out before the concrete arrives