Purchasing a home is a dream come true. You go from a tenant to a property owner, and you take on all the responsibilities of ownership. Not many people, however, consider the maintenance requirements until something needs to be repaired. If you purchase a brand new home, the chances are you will enjoy a few years of uneventful bliss. If you buy an older home you may have several home repair projects to keep you busy for months or even years to come.

It pays to be proactive, don't wait for something to break! Do a little preventative maintenance now to keep everything in working order. Even if you need to call a professional to assist you with some of the maintenance jobs; if you fix minor problems before they become major problems, it will save you time and money in the long run!

Here is a home inspection and maintenance check-list to help keep your dream home as wonderful as the day you bought it! For additional inspections and/or maintenance requirements unique to your home, list them under the "Miscellaneous" category.

Home Inspection and Maintenance Check List

Winter Months: December, January & February

__Check around the base and top of water heater for rust or signs of leakage
__Check all shower heads for mineral deposits and clean with vinegar
__Check and clean refrigerator coils
__Check under sinks and around toilet base for leakage
__Check area drain system, clean debris from area
__Check the rain gutters and clean as needed
__Check pressure levels on fire extinguishers and service if necessary

Spring Months: March, April & May

__Change A/C filter, refrigerator filter and drinking water filter
__Check and clean icemaker
__Check washer machine and dishwasher supply hoses for leaks or bulges
__Check dryer vent system
__Check inside toilet tank, clean inside of tank
__Drain water heater to clean out sediment and lime build-up
__Change watering times on sprinkler system
__Check sprinkler valves, planter areas
__Check roof for any weather damage, holes or cracks
__Have carpets cleaned

Summer Months: June, July and August

__Clean and inspect all window and door screens
__Check water pressure to house
__Turn off/on all emergency shut off valves
__Check smoke detectors and replace batteries
__Clean inside of garbage disposal with a bottle brush
__Check exterior hose bibs for leaks
__Check weather stripping on windows and doors
__Check bricks for cracked mortar

Fall Months: September, October & November

__Check shower and tub fixtures trims, caulk as needed
__Change A/C filter, refrigerator filter, drinking water filter
__Check slow drains, clean hair from sink drains and showers
__Check for calcium build up around shower doors, caulk as needed
__Clean bathroom ceiling exhaust fan
__Check the garage door cables, levers, hinges, rollers and springs
__Check and clean chimney
__Check all electrical cords for wear

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