So you finally found that perfect house and you love everything about it. Before you purchase though, be sure to do one thing that can save you a big headache. Once you sign on the dotted line it is too late to back out.


Home inspections

Home inspections are not mandatory but are necessary. If you are a smart consumer you will realize how much a home inspection is worth. You may have to put out $300.- $500. Per house for a home inspection but it will give you peace of mind when you get the report. It may be good or bad or at least maybe you can work with the seller.

Major issues to avoid are water damage, mold presence or any foundation damage. You should be leery of any homes that are “AS-IS”. Make sure if the house has well water or septic that they are certified by a qualified company which is usually a must to qualify for a loan.

You may have to hire two home inspectors, one for termites and pests (exterminator) and one for everything else. Some don’t do both. You will need a certification for termites most likely for the mortgage company. The roof will need to be good to get a homeowners policy, so even if you plan to fix the roof yourself, it needs to be done quickly.

When hiring a home inspector for your inspection, make sure they are not new in the business. It’s better to go with someone who has some experience.

A good inspector will teach you about the home and give you pointers on how things need to be fixed. He should go over the entire report with you and explain anything you don’t understand as well as tell you what needs to be done to correct it.

Most real estate’s cannot recommend a home inspection business to you although they can give you referrals. They are not allowed to endorse them though.

What should the Home inspectors look for?

They should inspect the structure of the house, the foundation for instability, roof leaks, electric, plumbing, drainage, major appliances (refrigerator, washer, dryer etc.).They also check level of soil around house and how it descends. They will check attic fans, check for radon levels in basement, check for mold, among many other things. They will also check the heat and air conditioning. If the property has a fireplace, this will be included in the inspection. They may mention some things just out of courtesy that are not major items but it’s always nice to be aware. You will always find things later they may have been overlooked but if they aren’t major things then you have still saved yourself a lot of peace of mind.

The best advice to take is to not rush into any home purchase without considering the possibilities that could go wrong if you do. It will be worth every penny to know your family is safe and that you have made a wise investment.