If you are thinking of buying home insurance and want to make the process as simple as possible, one option that can help you streamline the process is to add home insurance apps to your smartphone. Instead of having to catalogue each item in your home one-by-one, you can utilize a handy app to make the process much more efficient. For those of you with an Android device, following are a few apps you can consider installing.

Home Library

Home Library by Touchscreen Software Solutions allows users to store data about their books, dvds, and cds onto their Android device. Simply by scanning the barcode of each item, users can instantly have a complete inventory of their media library. Not only is this app handy in case of a home insurance claim, it also works well if you tend to loan your media to friends or relatives. Simply by adding a note to the app you can track who has your cds or dvds so that you never lose track of your media again. Home Library is also available for iOS devices

My Home Pro: Home Inventory

My Home Pro: Home Inventory from Access Lane, Inc. lets users catalogue all of the items in their home onto their smartphone. Using this handy app, users can store data on each possession they own including up to ten pictures of each item. For items that still have a barcode, the app includes a barcode scanner for easy cataloging. The app offers prompts for common items like stereos and televisions. Data compiled from the app is available in PDF form and can also be printed out for home insurance claims. With everything from password protection to room and category tagging, this Android app is one useful addition worth discovering.

Insurance UK

The Insurance UK app is especially useful for policyholders that are constantly on the go. With this Android app, users can have instant access to a wide variety of UK insurance info. If a user needs a quick update as to which local provider is offering the best home insurance quotes, that information is available via the app. If a user wants to access videos pertaining to changes in the home insurance industry, informative videos are available within the app. Users of the Insurance UK app can compare quotes from multiple insurance providers, find information on home insurance additions like holiday home policies, and can even connect with age-specific insurance data for seniors and students. For those looking for an addition to their Android device that covers multiple insurance markets, this UK-specific app just might do the trick.

These are just three of the numerous Android apps you can consider for your home insurance needs. By using your smartphone or tablet device to catalogue the contents of your home, you will never again have to go through the time-consuming process of tracking your possessions. When you factor in the barcode scanning option of some apps, choosing to use your digital device to track your possessions just makes sense. Rather than walk through each room in your home with pen and paper in hand, make the process easy by using your Android device instead. Not only will you likely find the process much more bearable, your insurance provider will probably be impressed by your organized delivery of data.