Insurance Claims - Things You Didn't Know

Home insurance is typically one of those things people don’t think of until they’re forced to rely on it!  Yet in cases of damage to your home or accidents that occur on your property, it’s the ultimate safeguard for home owners.  Home insurance claims are, of course, filed all the time but some claims are somewhat unusual or there are some types of claims you likely never even thought about before; at least, they’re not altogether typical according to the statistics.  The following are some less than usual claims that your insurer may, indeed, cover if such situations happen to you!  If you aren’t sure if such events are covered, be sure to discuss your plan with your home insurance provider.

Slipping on a Garden Hose

Many homeowners don’t think about the possibility that accidents could happen elsewhere on the property—not just within the house itself.  If you leave your garden hose strewn across the lawn and someone trips over it and is injured, that could be a liability for you.  Consider slippery stairs and walkways in the winter or uneven bumps in your cement.  Many people walk up to your door in the course of a year—mail carriers, guests, delivery workers, door-to-door salespeople, and neighbors, for instance.  Talk to your insurer to find out about coverage for slip and fall incidents on your property.

No Rover No!

Dogs sometimes have a mind of their own and sometimes that mind tells them to bite down hard.  Thousands of dog bites occur every year and statistics say that about half of them occur where the dog lives—private households.  Owners are responsible for their pets and in the event of a serious bite or injuries induced by a pet, the homeowner is construed as liable.  Many insurers will cover dog bites, but always check with them first.  Many insurers will not, for instance, cover certain breeds like Pit Bulls or Doberman Pinschers.  Find out if your insurer will cover your breed before you bring the dog home.  Also, in the event of a dog bite claim, it is not unusual for your insurer to raise your premium or even refuse to cover the dog in the future.  Special dog insurance may be needed from another insurance provider.


Typically mold isn’t covered if your insurer deems it a problem associated with poor maintenance.  Yet mold is insidious and must be eliminated or it will only become worse.  In fact, the presence of mold is linked to various health problems.  On the other hand, mold may be covered by your policy if the insurer deems it to be caused by damage to the home such as a water from a recently burst pipe.  Again, be sure to talk to your insurance carrier to find out how they approach mold coverage.  A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if the source of the water damage is covered by your insurer, than most-likely the subsequent mold issue will also be eligible for coverage. 

Outdoor Apparatus

Trampolines, swing sets, swimming pools—these items are all great fun, but they can also be the source of liability for homeowners.  If a neighbor child falls off a loose swing set bar or gets hurt on a trampoline, these accidents may be covered by your insurer, but as a safety measure, tell your insurer that you have them.  For instance your insurer may require your pool to be fenced before they will cover it.  Often people purchase these items after they’ve already contracted for home insurance and they forget to tell their insurer when they add them to the property.  Be sure to give your provider a call to find out about their safety advice regarding these items and to make sure that they are covered in the event of an accident.  Home insurance claims regarding these types of backyard elements are, of course, somewhat routine for insurers. 

Your home insurer covers a lot, but homeowners need to know up front exactly what the provider will and will not cover.  Not having adequate home insurance could make a disaster even worse.  Know your protection inside and out to prevent any bad surprises in the event of an accident or damage to your property.

Insurance Claims, The Ultimate Guide