Most people use the kitchen cabinets for their kitchen plate storage. However a kitchen plate rack can easily be used in cabinets, cupboards, on countertops, and in the dining room to keep frequently used dinner plates within easy reach wherever is most convenient.

Especially in small kitchens or in small families it is not always a great use of space to load an entire cabinet shelf with dinnerware because a family may only need a working supply of 4-8 plates when a cabinet can easily hold well into the teens.

By pulling these plates from a cabinet or storing them in the cabinet on a plate rack you can easily free up space that would otherwise be wasted. And when you move plates from the cabinets to the dinning room you can bring the plates to an area of the house they will be used more often. This may not be a good solution for all households but may be for you and your family.

Types Of Kitchen Plate Racks

Wall Mount Wood Plate Rack

No matter where you decide to store your kitchen plates you will find there are a number of different types of kitchen plate racks available for you to buy. There are basic plate racks which can help stack different types of plates on top of each other while still maintaining your ability to grab plates from the bottom of the stacks with relative ease.

These plate racks are often either made of wood, metal, or plastic and usually allow the stacking of six to eight plates on the bottom shelf, middle shelf, and the top shelf. This is perfect for people who have different kinds of plates that are regularly used as they keep all plates together but separate enough for easy separation and use.

In addition to the kitchen plate racks that help with vertical staking there are also in cabinet plate racks which help you vertically store plates so that they are standing on end next to each other but not touching. This tends to increase the amount of space need to store many plates but can make for very easy use. Because plates are not stacked but rather placed side by side on these kitchen plate stands the plates never touch each other and never have to be moved around just to get to the bottom of a stack. This helps keep all plates in good condition making this a good idea for people with expensive plates or for those with only a few kitchen plates.

Simple Plate Rack - Wall Mounted or CountertopIn addition to your standard wooden plate rack there are also wall mounted plate racks which can be anything from a simple open faced cabinet in which plates can be stored side by side or an even more elaborate wall mounted plate rack which is more like a second but dedicated kitchen cabinet, designed kind of like a medicine cabinet but with the purpose of storing plates. This type of plate rack storage is a little more niche however and is less likely to be found in your average store. To find these you have to stick with specialty furniture stores and expect to pay fairly high prices.

Cost Of Plate Rack Storage

The costs of buying decorative plate rack storage versus functional or simple plate rack storage can be quite high. Considering everyday dining plates are usually kept in the kitchen cabinet the functional plate stands meant to house plats in a more efficient in cabinet manner are much more affordable that more decorative pieces of kitchen counter plate storage or wall mounted storage cabinets.

Decorative Wrought Iron Wall Plate RackHighly decorative plates such as china or collectable plates my be stores safely in single plate wall mounted racks or in large china cabinets. Obviously the price range of these types of storage racks and stands can vary greatly, sometimes by the thousands however your average plate rack storage rack or stand is usually going to fall in between the extremes.

A decorative but not elaborate on-the-counter plate rack will probably run between fifty and two hundred dollars depending on the complexity of the rack and the quality of the materials and design. Wall mounted storage racks can be similarly priced with extremes on either end of the spectrum. The reason for the big difference in price has to do with the quality of wood work that goes into furniture. After all, most of the decorative plate racks for sale are wooden and a big contributor to the price of wood furnishing is the quality of materials and manufacturing.

Wooden Cabinet Style Plate Rack SystemOne thing to note regarding kitchen plate racks and kitchen plate storage is that most home wares stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other similar stores, probably won't have many options for decorative plate storage. The decorative storage stands for plates are usually more furniture inspired and not likely to be sold by these types of stores. In these stores you may find some simple and cheap plate racks but most will be in-cabinet styles with little to no decorative design. To find quality wooden racks, cabinets, and stands you will likely have to do your shopping online or with one of the many specialty furniture dealers.

Many online retailers focus squarely on decorative furniture and storage options for areas around the home. Wall mounted magazine racks, decorative plate rack storage, standing coat racks are all items that are easily found in simple form but can be quite exquisite when manufactured by a specialty furniture maker.

If you are in the market for something functional and beautiful then this is really the best way to shop because most traditional retailers simply won't have the options on hand to satisfy your needs. Online retailers of specialty furnishings such as Fine Home Displays, American Modern Living, and Crate And Barrel can offer amazing selections which are likely unparalleled in your neighborhood. In addition shopping online makes it extremely easy to comparison shop for the best price point. If you are looking for quality plate rack storage you can't go wrong by taking your time comparison shopping and waiting for the perfect item to show up.