Home living room decor sets your room apart. Your room may remind you of a beach or you might go for more of a victorian style living room. Sure, most every living room has a sofa, end tables, artwork and lamps. It's which sofa, end tables, artwork and lamps you choose that helps define your personal style. Your living room can remind you of a favorite destination or be a time machine to travel back to a different period altogether. You might have a formal living room or a living room/ family room combination that needs to serve several different functions. Even if you are in an apartment, home living room decor helps you create a home.

When decorating my living room I had a few special challenges. I had to use decorating ideas for apartment living rooms which means I didn't have the use of paint. However, I compensated this by going with warm tones on my furniture instead of sticking with neutral beige. I also used an oversized mirror to create a focal point.

Ideas to decorate a living room should be in balance with other items in your room. You don't want to distract from an architectural element such as a fireplace or wall of windows. That is the focal point, the piece that you show off in the space and the rest of the room should be based around that. If you don't have a focal point in your room you'll need to create one. This can be as simple as installing dramatic lighting around a tray ceiling or putting rough hewn logs on one wall for a cozy, rustic living room. You can add a wow factor to a basic white box by putting small columns in the door way to turn it into an entryway and frame out the room the way you would a picture.

In order to get affordable living room furniture you'll need to develop your own design style. The more popular and trendy an item is, the more expensive it will be. Instead, find thrifted pieces that you can give new life to using ideas for decorating a living room. Invest in a neutral sofa that will last for years to come. Look for an old china cabinet at garage sales and thrift stores. You'll be able to use this as an entertainment center or book case. You can layer it with gray and blue glazes for a piece that will work with a French or cottage style depending on the rest of your room. Make a statement on your walls, literally. You can apply a favorite quote or family tree to one wall using a stencil or vinyl letters so all of your guests know what you stand for and what interests you. Have a defined style in mind when you go shopping so the room looks put together. Pick a design style or theme and stick with it so the space doesn't become cluttered or haphazard looking.

Colors for a living room should make a statement while blending in with the rest of your house. You can even try black walls in a modern living room; just balance it with a lot of white furniture and bright lighting. This is definately a way to use contemporary decorating ideas for living rooms. If you are renting look for more colorful furniture. If you are going with a retro design, mix graphic floral patterns on a chair, lampshade and sofa. The patterns should be fresh with bright white backgrounds. The white in the pieces will relate to each other even though every pattern is different. This creates an eclectic living room that is perfect for a young person who wants a casual vibe, or a writer, artist or crafter. Home living room decor makes an impression on your guests so make sure that it's saying the right thing about you.