If you're like me, you're bothered when you go on vacation and you're away from your MMA gym. It really sucks when you want to keep up with at least your stand-up or ground game, but every MMA gym at your vacation spot is way overpriced or nonexistent. My situation is that my MMA gym is in the city I go to college. So it completely sucks when I'm home all summer and can't keep up with my training. Well that's changed for me, since I started doing Home MMA workouts.

Cheaper Than Any Gym Membership

A lot of people look at going to gym as a solution to staying in shape when their away from their MMA gym. But let's be serious. I know for a fact that I don't get the same thrill working out at the gym as I do when I'm training MMA style. So the I just end up not going.

Home MMA workouts rock because you can buy a good program for a few bucks and on top of that, you work out the muscles that need to be worked out. When at the gym, you're lifting weights and getting bulky but at the same time, you're loosing speed and agility. Home MMA workouts don't have this problem.

You Don't Need a Bag

Having a bag when doing Home MMA workouts definitely helps, but it's not required. You can perfect technique and form all from shadow boxing and using free weights. A bag helps you work on applied strength but the best way to work on applied strength always comes from training against a real opponent. That's why I always do home MMA workouts with friends.

What You'll Need

For most Home MMA Workouts, you're going to need free weights, a jump rope and if you plan on training with a partner, you'll need some boxing gloves, unless you plan on destroying each others faces. You also want to make sure you have enough free space to move around, something a little bigger than an average sized living room, ideally a basement. This will definitely help you get a similar feel as when you're in your own MMA gym.

The last thing you need is an actual Home MMA Workout. Make sure you find something that the pros have actually used, and don't just go for an average looking one. If you follow these tips, you should be in the best shape of your life. Home MMA workouts can make the difference.