Home Made Anti Wrinkle Creams

egg and lemon mask (34131)Why do we get old?

The most frequent explanation given by the scientists is that it is written in our genes.

From a theoretical point of view, we cannot look much younger than our parents and grandparents did at our age. However, this entire aging process is also determined by other factors that can transform our body in many aspects as sun exposure, pollution, smoking and harsh weather conditions.

Sun exposure, for example, is an extremely important factor in the aging process: wrinkles, brown spots on one's face, dilated blood veins- are the result of prolonged exposure to sunlight. The loss of subcutaneous fat tissue determines the loss of skin elasticity. Under the cheeks, the temples and forehead, the deep layer of the skin seems to be "melted".

Wrinkles are the first aging signs that disclose the passing of years. They may find their remedies in our daily diet, regular exercise, a stress-free lifestyle and many hours of sleep.

On the other hand, anti-wrinkle creams, often expensive, are designed to nourish the skin and restore its firmness and suppleness. When choosing anti aging products, one should bear in mind that not all products play their role as they should. The dermatologist may be the best source of information for you. Many people consult a dermatologist after they have already spent huge amounts of money on all kinds of products.

Do not hasten to buy products that promise too much. They rarely do what they say. It is impossible to obtain a facelift effect from applying a simple cream. Just as you cannot look 10 years younger overnight.

Moisturing is essential. A good moisturizer will swell wrinkles and make skin look healthier and brighter. Miracle creams that promise the disappearance of wrinkles in 24-48 hours are based just on the simple effect of moisturing. Among the active ingredients that have scientifically proven anti-aging effect so far are: retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, azelaic acid, hydroquinone, peptides and the salicylic acid.

You will never find totally organic products on the market. Many of the natural extracts cannot be added in their natural form in the cream. And even if it could be possible, the costs would be enormous.

However, for those who wish to take care of their skin in a natural way, experts recommend bio masks and treatments which have an immediate and lasting action. The vitamins, proteins and minerals existing in natural products truly nourish the skin. Honey, carrots, milk, eggs, apples, lemons and bananas-are the ingredients that should exist in every wrinkle cream, prepared at home, of course.

Here are a few examples of home made anti wrinkle creams recipes that are recognized for their positive effects:

honey mask (34133)Honey Cream: You must mix in a bowl two spoons of honey with half a spoon of carrot juice. The honey for this mask should not be too liquid, so that the obtained mixture is consistent. Apply the cream over the entire face. Keep the mask for 20 minutes on your skin and then remove it with a cotton pad and warm water.

egg maskEgg Cream: Mix an egg and two spoons of corn flour. Apply it on your face and neck and leave the cream on for 20 minutes. The mask should be removed with warm water. Its positive effects can be observed after a few days.

apple and bananas maskApple or Banana Cream: Apples and bananas have an immediate effect on the aged skin. Cut an apple in half and clean your face with it. The banana should be used in the same way.

Both fruits can be used during the day and also in the evening before bedtime. The vitamins existent in these fruits will moisturize your skin, making it look firm and healthy. The fruit mask must be removed with cold water.

Egg and Lemon Cream: Mix an egg with the juice of a squeezed lemon. Add a teaspoon of salt and apply the cream on the clean face. After 15 minutes, remove the egg and lemon cream using warm water. The process must be repeated three times a week, after a hot bath, when your face pores are open.

Flour Cream: Mix a flour spoon with two teaspoons of honey. Apply the obtained cream on the face and wait for it to dry. Rinse your face with warm water until it is completely clean. This cream is more effective if you apply it before going to bed. After a few applications, you will observe amazing effects.

natural mask (34134)Give them a try!