Here is a project you can do for entertainment or personal use. Making your own homemade mini spy camera. Don't think that the word mini spy camera can mean that only highly well trained electricians can make them. If you break it down so that the average Joe Blog can understand, then this will obviously relieve you from unwanted head aches, and give you a more simplistic over view of the basic equipment and tools needed. So don't worry you don't have to be the next Mc Guyver, just keep it simple.

* Mini video camera

* Creating something to conceal your camera

* Transmitter and receiver to send pictures and images.

* Any Power source

* Recording device, a T.V will do just fine.

You may need to do a little scouting around to find a small enough camera to use. Most security alarm stores and photo shops will have just the right size cameras for your project, the smaller the better, make sure it comes with instructions as you my need to adjust the signal at a later stage. OK now you can get a little creative,choose an object to hide your mini camera, a good idea might be a coffee can, inside a ornament, in the ceiling, any where so it is non conspicuous to any un- suspecting person.

there ar4e cameras that are wired, but for our purpose a wireless camera is best. You will have the necessary instructions to tune in your wireless camera to the receiver, make sure you get a quality signal to receive the best pictures. The transmitter should give you a good picture and sound via the video and audio. The receiver can be plugged to a VCR or DVD to receive any transmitted images from the camera. Most spy cameras will only need a low power input, so make sure that you have the correct power outage to the camera, check to see instructions if unsure. A mobile phone plug will provide the right amount of power to these cameras, this will take a little customizing in terms of swapping the connections. This shouldn't be a problem as you would have got the power supply cord with your camera when you bought it. Once you have set everything up then you can simply adjust and fine tune your camera and receiver until you have a clear image and sound audio. And there you have it , your very own homemade mini spy camera.