Maintaining a home can be a lot of work. Here are some tips that can help you to stay on top of your home maintenance.

Keep Up On Things

If you notice a small problem it is better, easier, and cheaper to fix it sooner rather than later. The longer you wait then the bigger the problem will get. If you notice a small crack in the foundation in your basement you may only have to put some sealant caulk in it. If you wait then water can get into the crack, freeze and expand the crack, and then eventually you have a huge sloppy wet basement that needs to be pumped dry plus you will have a very expensive repair on the foundation in your basement where you will need to call in professional because the problem has expanded beyond the initial tiny crack and now envelopes both the internal and external walls.

By staying on top of things you will be able to help keep minor and inexpensive problems from becoming the messes that are very expensive to repair.

Regularly inspect Your Home

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You may be the type of guy or girl that regularly fixes any problems you find with your home. That is good, but what if there is a problem you do not see? You can find home inspection checklists online and you should use these on a regular basis. What if there is a problem in the attic? You would not know until it was too late because you may never go to the attic; however if you do your own home inspections every 3-4 months then you would be able to find any potential problems before they tuned into major problems.

Know When to Call in the Pros


You may be the type of guy that prides himself on fixing anything and everything, but there is always times when you should call in the professionals. You may be able to scrape and paint a room, but what if the room contains old lead paint? Be wise and call in the pros. Sometimes it is more cost effective to simply call in the professionals, especially if you do not have the right tools.

Make It Fun

Most guys who are very handy around the house tend to enjoy fixing and repairing things. If you find that you hate doing home maintenance work then you wither need to find a way to make it fun or move to an apartment. One way that helps a lot of people is to listen to audio books through headphones while they work it distracts them enough and keeps them entertained but they are still working on fixing and maintaining the home.

Increased efficiency

Not only will you save time by maintaining your home but you will also save money. If you increase the efficiency of your home then you will save money on your monthly power bills. If you clean out the vents then it will save a little bit of energy each month. If you better insulate the home then it will take less power to heat and cool the house. If you are continually doing projects to increase the efficiency of your home then you will not only learn a lot about home maintenance, but you also will save a lot of money over time with decreased energy consumption.


We often look at exterior painting as something that is done solely for aesthetic reasons. Sure a new paint job on a home looks good and can increase the value of a home, but a new exterior painting may be just what the Doctor ordered for your old home. A fresh primer and then paintjob on an old home will allow the tiny cracks in the sideboards to get sealed up from exterior weather conditions such as snow, rain, and heavy wind. Painting will also help you to find side board on your home that need replaced. If mold is spotted it may be time to call in the professionals, especially if it has spread to the inside of your home.

Window Replacements

Replacing windows is definitely expensive and not something you will want to do. Replacing windows should always be left to the window experts. It may cost $5,000 or more to replace all of the windows in your home. This is super-expensive, but if you home is not very energy efficient then it may not take but a couple of years for the cost of the new windows to be recouped by the huge savings on your power bill each month. Doing projects around your home to increase the efficiency is very important, but if your windows suck in all the cold air during the winter and push out all the cold air form the air conditioner in the summer time then you will pretty much be wasting your time until you get new windows. One workaround is to cover your windows up with plastic and seal them in so the warm air inside the house from the heater cannot escape outside during the wintertime.


Basic plumbing maintenance can and should be performed by you as the homeowner on a regular basis, but it is also vital you bring in a plumber for major jobs. You also should bring in a plumber every few years to do an inspection. You seriously don’t want a broken pipe to break and cause sewage leakage all over the antique model railroad you have set-up in the basement.


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If you have a traditional fireplace in your home but the fireplace and the Chimney are in disrepair and have not been inspected by a professional for many years then do not use it. A fireplace and chimney that has not been maintained is an open invitation to torch your home to ashes, and your insurance may not cover it if you have not had a recent inspection on the fire place and chimney to ensure it was in a safe and working condition.