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Home Music Recording Studio Setup 


Advances in technology have made a home recording studio affordable for artist all over the world. The audio quality from a home studio versus a major label studio is quite comparable. With minimum equipment, computer savvy, and talent, an artist recording from home can compete with the major studios. Below is a list of the equipment  needed to start building you home studio.




The PC is the heart of a home studio. A top of the line computer is nice, but not necessary. A computer with 2Ghz of cpu speed, 2 gigs of ram, a large hard drive, and at least a Pentium 4 processor is enough to run most recording software. 



Software / DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Software is the brain of the recording studio. Recording software or DAWs come complete with everything needed to create music. They come equipped with VSTi's (virtual software instruments), VST effects, mixer, sampler, sequencer and much more. Examples of DAWs are: Reason, GarageBand, FL Studio, Cubase, etc.



Audio Interface

An audio interface handles the audio input and output from the computer and gives far more audio options than a sound card. An interface is connected to your PC via USB or Firewire. Firewire interfaces are capable of passing more data in a given period of time and thus, are more expensive. For a home studio with a small amount of inputs like a midi, guitar, and microphone, a USB interface will do the job.




For high quality audio signals

A large diaphragm condenser mic is recommended for high quality audio recordings. These microphones can cost $1000's, but for a basic home setup a microphone under $200 will do.




MIDI Keyboard

MIDI keyboards allow the control of virtual instruments and effects in a DAW program. Without a midi, you will have to use the  PC keyboard and mouse to play virtual instruments.





Quality headphones are definitely worth the money. When recording,mastering or mixing these are essential to fine tuning the audio production.



Studio Monitors

Studio monitors or reference monitors are specifically designed for audio production applications. A quality pair will give you the true sound of your production.



Accessories: Cables, adapters, shock mounts, and popper stoppers.


The total price for all the equipment listed above is a little under $1000. If $1000 isn't in the budget consider buying used equipment or take a rain check on the studio monitors and headphones.